Vinyl Window Replacement Cost in Florida: Ultimate Buying Guide (2022)

Average range: $850 - $1,500



Average Cost




(Include vinyl & impact low-E glass windows installed simultaneously)

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Vinyl window anatomy consists of a plastic frame (PVC) easy to manipulate and beautiful glass. They are also one of the most affordable options for windows in Florida, which gave them great popularity. 

How often do vinyl windows need to be replaced and how much do they last? How much a vinyl window replacement is?

On this guide we will go over all of these topics and more information to better estimate the cost of your window replacement project.

In this guide

Vinyl Window Costs In Florida

The price for the replacement of vinyl windows depends on different factors and your particular case. Costs for materials, labor, or city vary in different cases. 

  • New Vinyl Window $700 - $1,2K

    Prices Include frame material, type of window and window size.

  • Vinyl Window Replacement $850 - $1,5K

    For an impact window installationt, you will have to pay from $50 - $400 extra.

  • Labor Cost $150 - $300

    Vary depending on the window type and number of windows being replaced at one time.

  • Replace All Window In a House $12,7K - $22,5K

    Some smaller homes may have as few as 15 windows, while very large homes may have 30 or more.

Florida Vinyl Window Replacement Average Range

The cost for vinyl window replacement can go from $850 to $1,500 for the most expensive windows. The first thing we need to do is determine the kind of window you have. 

Vinyl Window Intallation Labor Cost

In general, the cost for the labor of the expert is around 35$ to 50$ per hour.  

This is the case if you hire a certified professional; you could find lower prices if you look for not certified people. However, we do not recommend you do this, always go with the experts. 

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Vinyl Window Frame Cost by Size

Of course, the bigger the glass the higher the cost, and more material will be needed. Take into account that the biggest standard sizes for vinyl windows are 72”x96”. 

If you require a window bigger than those measures, you need to consult with experts and the price may rise. The range of the price goes up or down based on the kind of glass used for the window.  

Small Vinyl Window Cost

In this case, we are referring to 12”x12” or 12”x24” windows. Anything ranging from 12” to 36”, the price is around 850$ to 1000$ for prefab windows. If you want custom-sized windows it will rise from $1,200 to $1,500. 

Average-Size Vinyl Window Price

Average size windows are 24”x36” to 48”x60”, the price is around $1,100 to $1,200 for prefab windows, and up to $1,500 for custom windows.

Large Vinyl Window Cost

For the large windows, the price is considerably higher, more materials are used, and the labor time is higher. 48”x60” to 72″x96″ are considered big windows, they offer a great view. 

The price ranges from $1,200 to $1,500 in case of prefab windows, and $1,400 or even $1,500 for custom windows. 

Vinyl Windows For Sale in Florida by Style

There are different styles and designs your window could have, this alters the price. There are very difficult designs that require a lot of work, and they are not cheap.  

If you want standard designs or something not too fancy, this won’t affect the price too much. 

Vinyl Single Hung Windows

The single-hung window replacement is the most commonly requested in the majority of regular houses. Its price is between $1,200$ to $2,200 if you want standard vinyl, and $1,500 to $2,200 if you want a custom vinyl.

Vinyl Double Hung Windows

The double-hung window replacement in Florida is a bit more expensive than the single-hung window. The difference is that you can move both of the window panels, something single-hung windows don’t allow.  

The price is around $1,600 to $2,100 depending on if you want standard or custom vinyl.

Vinyl Casement Window Replacement

The casement window replacement in Florida is very popular, only costs from $1,300 to $2,200 in the biggest windows. 

Vinyl Awning Windows

Awning windows in Florida are excellent, as they let a lot of air in your house. They are probably the cheapest to repair, it costs from $1,200 to $1,900.

Vinyl Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are some of the most comfortable types of windows. Sliding window replacement in Florida is cheap, costs from 950$ to $1,500 for customized windows.

Vinyl Picture Windows

Vinyl picture windows replacement in Florida costs from $850$ to $1,500, being these windows are some of the cheapest.  

Vinyl Impact Hurricane Windows

The impact window cost in Florida is high as in every part of the world. For an impact window installationt, you will have to pay from $50 – $400 extra.

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Cost for Vinyl Window Glass Replacement in Florida

The price of glass for window replacement could be higher or lower depending on the type of glass. There are many different types of glass, and each accomplished different functions.  

To know the exact cost of vinyl window pane replacement, you have to identify the kind of glass you have first.


The double pane window is a kind of window that counts with two different panes. These usually have a chemistry between them, which protects the users from UV light.  

However, it will use double the materials and the cost for the chemical if you decide to install it.

Triple-Pane Glass

Once again, it includes three panes of glass, similar to the double pane window. This protects the house from high temperatures and is energy-efficient.  

Of course, it costs triple the materials, and labor work may be longer, so the price is a bit higher as well. 

Low-E Glass Coating

The Low-E glass is a special kind of glass that prevents heat from outside from coming inside the house. But it still allows the solar light to get in the house, which is a great advantage.  

The price goes from 5$ to 8$ per square foot, which is a bit more expensive than the standard but is worth it.

Conservation Hurricane Glass

Conservation hurricane glass for window replacement is an excellent option if you want security. These glasses are designed to prevent disaster; they don’t shatter when broken and are very resistant.  

However, it is quite expensive, it could cost from 40$ to 50$ per square foot. 

Energy Efficiency Vinyl Window Replacement Average Cost

If you are looking for window replacement energy efficiency, pay attention to the glass coating. A good glass pane is what makes the window energy efficient, and of course the quality of this.  

The average cost for energy-efficient windows is around $1,500 to $2,000 for standard medium-quality windows. 

Energy Star Vinyl Window Cost

As stated before, the price peaks at $1,400 being a little more expensive than standards. However, you get a high-quality window that is guaranteed to be energy efficient.  

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Vinyl Window Replacement Cost in Florida by Brands

Using the best brand of replacement windows is imperative so you pay for work that lasts over the years. Here is a list of some recommendations for the best window brands in Florida.

Regency Window

Regency Windows is an agency that specialized in modern and sophisticated windows for your home. They are equipped with highly trained professionals and quality materials for their clients.

ESWindows Glass Manufacturer

This manufacturer has been operating for over two decades now, being one of the most successful. They also provide excellent materials for homes and residential projects.  

Take a look at the ESWindows Glass Manufacturer’s Buying Guide by clicking here

PGT Windows

This is the number 1 company in resistant glass for windows in Florida, looking for safety. They have a customs warehouse in Florida, where they serve beauty, durability, and protection.  

You can check PGT Windows’ uktimate buying guide right here.

CGI Windows

One of the best providers of conservation hurricane glass in the country. They can offer you excellent prices for these materials, as well as all the installation needed.  

If you are interested, make sure you check out CGI Windows’ ultimate buying guide. 

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Vinyl Window Frame Price List By City

The price for impact hurricane windows, in general, is very similar in any city of south florida. However, there are small little differences in market nuances. 

This is a price list for Vinyl Windows frames by city: 


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Vinyl Window VS Aluminum

The price for vinyl windows is around $1,200 on average, while aluminum costs $1,000 on average. Although is better in price, aluminum has many disadvantages compared to vinyl.  

Like the resistance of the material, the durability, and the facility to clean, vinyl is more recommendable. 

Vinyl Window

Aluminun Window

Vinyl Window VS Fiberglass

What makes fiberglass special is the durability of the material, which is superior to vinyl. However, fiberglass is fairly more expensive than vinyl, a consideration to be had.

Fiberglass Window

Vinyl Window

Vinyl Windows VS Wood

Wooden windows are not recommended for impact hurricane protection. They are not resistant to water, their durability is nothing to compare to vinyl, and is more expensive. 

Vinyl windows are a superior option to wood without a doubt. 

Vinyl Window

Wood Windows

Prefab VS Custom Vinyl Window Cost

Using vinyl windows for new constructions allows you access to other options for window design than the prefab windows. However, prefab windows are a little bit cheaper, but don’t have many styles to choose from.  

Prefab windows come in standard sizes and styles, if you want something different from that; you need to pay for custom vinyl windows. But if you don’t particularly mind the design or function, then go with prefab.

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6 Key Features to Estimate Vinyl Window Frame in Florida

If you want to calculate how much does window replacement cost, we need to assess the requirements. Here you have some important tips on how to calculate how much do windows replacement cost

The window trim tends to wear down as time passes, and of course, this decreases the window’s price. Maintaining and cleaning these trims before selling the house or window could make a difference in its price.

For window installations, you will need a permit from the government to modify your property. Permits and laws are different in every city; get more information in the city hall of your city. 

Vinyl windows can be painted, and this paint tends to peel off and flake. The status of your vinyl window color and frame is important in the evaluation of your window’s price. 

When you buy your vinyl windows from a high-quality company, they will offer you a long warranty. Of course, the more time the warranty is still on, the more it cost.

There are different kinds of windows, and they require different maintenance. For example, picture windows are very easy to clean, but double and triple-hung windows require special maintenance.  

This will play an essential role in the price set for the window. 

In Florida, you can find window replacement financing programs, which will help you pay for your windows. This is a program for security, so everybody can have conservation hurricane windows in their houses.  

You should look forward to getting into one of these programs to get your conservation glass. 

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Vinyl Window Replacement Pros and Cons

Vinyl windows are a great option to replace your home’s windows, but it also has some drawbacks: 

Vinyl windows are easy to maintain, they usually are energy efficient, and cheap. They don’t need special treatment from a professional to maintain, which saves money. Also, there is great variability in vinyl windows to choose from and use in your home.  

However, the customization cost for vinyl windows is indeed very high. The cost goes up almost to double the price if you want a custom variant of your vinyl window.



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The recommendation is to replace your vinyl windows every 15 to 20 years, no more.

Yes, applying the paint directly to the surface is not ideal, apply a coat of primer before, and then you can paint. 

Double Hung windows are the best option in their relationship quality-price in this case.

If you install your vinyl windows through a poor-quality manufacturer, vinyl windows could last 10 years or less. While proper vinyl windows can last even 50 years. 

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