Impact Resistant hurricane window cost Florida: Ultimate Buying Guide (2022)

Average range: $1,300 -$2,000



Average Cost




(Include vinyl & Impact Resistant low-E glass windows installed simultaneously)

Are You Looking To Replace Your Impact Window?

If you are looking for an impact window replacement Florida, then you need to read today’s article. Here we are going to talk to you in detail about the cost for hurricane windows, so that you know how much you have to spend.

Plus, we’ll introduce you to impact window prices in different areas of Florida, helping you determine which style is the most expensive.

In this guide

What are Hurricane Impact Windows?

These windows are designed to be stronger and more durable than other windows. 

They are recommended for homes located in hurricane-prone regions because of their ability to withstand wind and rain.

Plenty of production standards must be met so that every window presents both strength and quality requirements not only to resist the high winds of a hurricane but also be utilized as a security feature, counterattacking something as a bomb detonation.

Impact resistant hurricane window florida

New Impact Resistant Hurricane Window Cost Florida

The average cost is $1,000, while the high cost is $1,700. With this information, it will be easier for you to save the money to purchase new hurricane impact windows in Florida.

  • New Impact Window $1K - $1,7K

    Prices Include frame material, type of window and window size

  • Impact Window Replacement $1,3K - $2K

    For an impact window replacement, you will have to pay from $50 - $400 extra

  • Hurricane Window Installation $300 - $450

    You can expect to add some extra labor costs to an installation. $100 - $250 .

  • Labor Cost $100 -$250

    Vary depending on the window type and number of windows being replaced at one time

  • Replace All Window In a House $19,5K - $30K

    Some smaller homes may have as few as 15 windows, while very large homes may have 30 or more.

The cost for window replacement can vary depending on several factors. Luckily, there are ways for you to calculate the price for new impact resistant hurricane windows.

One of the most effective ways to do so is by using our impact window buying guide. This kind of tool will give you an approximate cost depending on the options you select.

For instance, you can choose between:

Based on what you choose, you’ll get a certain amount. For example, if you live in Florida and you want to get a better idea of how much a hurricane impact window costs, then you can use this ultimate buying guide to assist you.

Impact Window Florida Replacement Cost 2022

If you already have impact windows but you need to replace them, you will usually have to pay more than installing them for the first time. 

Extra labor is needed to dismantle the current windows as well as to make any frame and track changes.

For an impact window replacement, you will have to pay from $1,300 to $2,000 per window including tallation, labor cost, vinyl windows and low e glass.

On the other hand, if too much damage has been done or you want to change the size of the window as well as the structure, then you will need replacements.

However, you should call a professional to make sure you require full replacements.
You can avoid surprises when it comes to spending money on special windows if you are aware of the current impact window replacement cost.

impact huricane windows cost florida -palm beach

Impact Hurricane Window Florida Installation Cost

Would you like to know the cost to install hurricane windows in Florida? Well, the average cost to install these windows can vary from $150 to $350 for the window itself. 

You can expect to add some extra labor costs to an installation, and you’d have to pay $100 to $250 in labor costs alone.

Additionally, the rest of the costs will be determined by the following factors:

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Impact Resistant Window Pricing in Florida By Style

Another way you can determine the cost of an impact window in Florida is by the style. Next up we are going to present you with an impact window price list that focuses on the style of the window.

Single Hung Impact Windows Cost

The single hung windows replacement are particularly popular for bedrooms and patios. This is because the top sash doesn’t operate, making single-hung windows perfect for spaces where the upper sash is hard to reach.

These single hung storm windows can cost from $1,200 to $2,200 per window.

Double Hung Storm Window Replacement

Double-hung windows offer top-notch energy efficiency, ventilation, protection, cleaning and a classic but functional appearance, we will make sure of that.

If you want double hung impact windows you’ll have to pay from $1,600 to $2,100. Remember that a double hung window replacement requires more work due to the type of window, so this is why the cost is a little higher.

Casement Storm Windows

The design of casement storm windows is ideal for providing adequate thermal and acoustic insulation while providing adequate lighting and ventilation, plus a modern look for our house.

If you want a casement window replacement in Florida, you’ll have to pay from $1,300 to $2,250.

Awning Storm Windows

The awning storm windows are usually placed high up in the walls to provide privacy or better views with large windows

Awning windows replacement Florida have an approximate cost of $1,200 and $1,900.

Sliding Storm Windows

To get a sliding window replacement you’ll have to pay around $950 to $1,500. These windows are easier to open and close, and this is the reason why sliding hurricane windows are among the favorite ones.

Home Hurricane Picture Windows

The home hurricane picture windows are the most energy efficient window style. This window style works well in any room in your home and fits any house style

Lastly, to get a picture window replacement you’ll have to pay from $325 to $1,825 per window.

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Vinyl Impact Window Pricing

A vinyl window replacement can cost between $1,000 and $1,700. Vinyl doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and it doesn’t need painting. But both color and style choices are limited, so you won’t have a lot to choose from.

You also have to know that as vinyl is exposed to sunlight, its color could fade over time. If you want to purchase vinyl windows, you can pick between vinyl frames to insulate better, and you won’t have to pay too much money for maintenance.

Impact Vinyl Window VS Aluminum

One of the most discussed topics among the groups of people who are looking for new windows, is choosing between impact windows vinyls vs. aluminum. 

Vinyl Window

Aluminun Window

Vinyl Window

One of the most discussed topics among the groups of people who are looking for new windows, is choosing between impact windows vinyls vs. aluminum. For instance, vinyl impact windows are better for the budget, and they are more effective under extreme weather conditions.

Also, they are aesthetically pleasing, so more people tend to choose these windows thanks to the style they add to the room. But they’re not perfect. After installing them, you must invest money to maintain them.


As for aluminum impact windows, they are strong, meaning they can resist the longest and ruthless storms. Nevertheless, they’re prone to leaks and need more repairs often.

Lastly, when it comes to choosing between the two types of storm windows, we suggest you go with the ones that match your needs and budget.

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Cost For Storm Windows Florida By Type Of Pane

Just like any other window, storm windows have different options for the glass or panes. Each material has an impact on the window’s final cost, as well as its durability and functions.

Some of these materials are cheaper and simpler, but may offer less resistance. Meanwhile, other panes are stronger and more energy-efficient.

Double Pane

Double-pane windows are durable, tough, and it’s well-suited for houses located near high-risk storm areas. These panes have an average cost of of $1,300 to $1,500.

Triple Pane

The cost to install hurricane windows with a triple plane is around $1,550, while the higher cost is $2,000. The prices tend to be elevated because they are the most advanced windows nowadays.


Low-e glass is an energy efficient type of glass, which is designed to help you maximize energy consumption. These panes are covered in a fine coating that can reflect heat into the room instead of out.

It helps you save money on heating bills, and you will only have to spend from $1,300 to $1,400.


The initial investment for this kind of window will cost you around $40 to $50 per square foot.

This purchase will benefit you either way, due to the fact that these windows contribute to energy savings, so your energy consumption will reduce.

Conservation Hurricane Glass

Conservation hurricane glasses provide your window with a unique aesthetic quality, and it prevents anyone from looking to the inside of the house. These panes can cost around $1,700 to $2,000 each.


Laminates panels offer more durability in comparison to standard glass. They are also better for reducing sound. 

Since they are laminated, the risk of shattering reduces, protecting your furniture from fading over time.ç

For this type of glass, you will have to pay from $1,200 to $1,300.

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Grooved Glass Replacement Cost for Hurricane Window

Looking for glass for window replacement can be stressful when you don’t know which type of glass to select.

Luckily, we are going to talk to you about some of the most popular styles of glass you can purchase to replace the old ones.

  • Colonial
    Colonial $150

    Most common Groveed Glass impact windows in Florida

  • Diamond
    Diamond $250

    More people are choosing these glass replacements for their impact windows

  • Praire
    Praire $250

    Prairie glass replacement can cost around $250

  • Classic Double Prairie
    Classic Double Prairie $300

    The classic double prairie use of double glazing

Interior Storm VS Hurricane Window Exterior

Do you need an interior storm or a hurricane window exterior? Based on what you require, you can choose between one type of window or the other.

Exterior Window

Interior Storm

Hurricane Window Exterior

While the two types of hurricane window provide the same function of keeping your house at the right temperature, an exterior window is more efficient at doing its job.

Many of these windows have a low-e coating that can reflect heat back into the house during the coldest days and reflects it outside during the summer.

This coating can also lower a window’s emissivity from 0.84 to 0.16 or even lower. These storms will definitely reduce the air leakage in your home by more than 6% because they can work as an air sealing measure.

Interior Storm

On the other hand, interior storm windows are not as effective as the exterior ones. Yet, interior storm windows are still more energy efficient than single pane windows.

Their advantage over an exterior storm window has to do with convenience. Since they are not exposed to external elements, they don’t need extenuated maintenance, and they are easier to install and take down.

Interior windows are very common among small apartments, and they can reduce air infiltration.

Impact Window Cost Florida By Track Style

Based on track style we can also divide impact windows. The track has the function of keeping everything in place.

Regularly, panes can be slid along the track, but some tracks can be fixed in place to prevent any opening.

  • Fixed Impact Window $850 - $1,5K

    Good to install on decorative windows to provide added protection

  • Two-Track $1,3K - $1,5K

    Can be slid up so that the screen receives ventilation.

  • Triple - Track $1,5K - $2K

    You can open it entirely to pass or can close it partially

  • Two - Track Slider $1,6K - $1,8K

    Can slide open from one side to the other

Fixed Impact Window

Fixed impact windows can also be called picture windows. They are fixed in one place and don’t open. They are made using a single piece of glass and can be installed on decorative windows to provide extra protection.

For these windows, you will have to pay around $850 to $1,500.

Two-Track Window

In a two-track window, you will have panes of glass and a screen. One of the panes is fixed as the top, while the screen on the bottom on the window doesn’t move. On the interior there is an extra pane of glass, but this one can be slid up so that the screen receives ventilation.

Triple-Track Impact Window Cost Calculator

Another impact window cost calculator you can utilize to estimate the price of a triple-track impact window, is customizing the way you open the window. 

For example, you can open it entirely to pass something through it when you need, or you can close it partially. They cost around $1,500 to $2,000.

Two-Track Slider

With a double-track slider, these windows have two tracks which can slide open from one side to the other. 

This will be useful when you have wider windows, and more air will enter the home during warmer days. You can expect to pay from $1,600 to $1,800.

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Top 4 Impact Window Manufacturers in Florida

Thousands of people wonder, what is the best brand of replacement windows in Florida? And we selected 4 of the best ones out there.

Regency Window

First we have Regency Window, a leading supplier and manufacturer within the market. They can design conservative hurricane windows, meaning they will last longer than most regular windows.

You can bring your vision, and Regency Windows will help you get the results you want. They have been working since 1985, and they have built a name for themselves.

Also, you can choose between sliding windows, bi-fold windows and even double hung windows, and all of these options can be turned into impact windows.

ESWindows Glass Manufacturer

With this brand you can select between commercial or residential windows. They offer an excellent window catalog, where you will find different types of panes and glass styles.

After choosing the perfect style for your residence or your company, they will take care of everything, and the best part is that they have affordable windows.

PGT Windows

PGT has partnered with Florida officials to help write the nation’s stringent code measures. They also hold the most Miami-Dade certifications in the entire industry. That along with their unmatched reputation for performance and quality is why millions of families in the U.S. rely on PGT.

CGI Windows

Whether you pick aluminum impact or non-impact windows, every product this brand makes exudes quality and strength. Their hurricane windows and doors can provide excellent protection and energy-efficiency to you.

Plenty of their impact windows meet the Miami-Dade requirements, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Compare Prices From Top Impact Window Brands In Florida

Impact Resistant Hurricane Window Prices List By City

According to the location, hurricane windows Florida can have different prices.

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11 Key Features to Estimate Impact Window Cost in Florida

There are key features that can influence the final cost of an impact window, and in the following list you will find the most important ones:

Are hurricane windows energy efficient? The answer is yes. They are energy efficient windows that can help you save money. Due to this, they tend to be a little expensive.

Not many people know this, but thanks to a windows replacement financing program in Florida. You can apply for assistance. All you have to do is apply and select the project you would like to work on.

After you receive your pre-approval, you will be provided with a contractor who will then start working on your home improvement project. 

The PACE program has helped thousands of citizens in Florida, so you can join the list anytime you want.

PGT Window is perhaps the best warranty on the market. The windows they design are tested extensively. Thus, you won’t have to worry about not knowing if the product you purchased is not what you expected.

Do you know the hurricane windows rating? If you don’t, let us tell you:

The cost of impact windows can also be determined based on where you want the window to be installed. 

If the job is easy, then the cost will be reduced. If, however, installers need to work on a second floor, they will have to carry everything upstairs, and the average cost of the impact windows that was first presented to you, could change.

The size of the window also enters the list of key features to estimate impact window cost. If you want a standard average-size window, then you may be offered the average price. If the window requires more than two people to install it, the cost will likely be higher.

During hurricane season, citizens in Florida will start installing impact windows to get the necessary safety. So, if you decide to get an installation during these days, hurricane proof windows cost will be above the average.

After hurricane season is over, you can definitely save some money while still getting your window.

Removing an old window in order to get the new one is a process that involves money and time. The harder it is to take down the old window, the more money you will have to pay.

Houses that reside in hurricane areas have stucco siding, which is very common in Florida.

The stucco around the window frame is damaged, even if a new window was installed from inside the property.

When the siding is damaged, you will need to call a stucco specialist, and you will have to add these services to your budget.

Even the glass color can have an impact on the cost of an impact window. Glass tends to be transparent, but there are brands that can design glasses with different colors.

This will increase the final cost of your window.

Condensation is caused by different elements. In many scenarios, humidity is the key factor in producing condensation. Under these conditions, a newly installed storm window will not work efficiently, and in the worst scenario, you’d have to replace the window.

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Hurricane Windows VS Regular Windows

Regular windows don’t have the same features as hurricane windows. A regular window can protect your home during a normal storm, but it won’t resist a hurricane.

Instead, there’s a reason why hurricane windows are named as such. They have the capability to resist the aggressive winds of a hurricane, as well as every possible external element from cracking the glass.

  • Regular Window $500 - $1K

    Protect your home during a normal storm

  • Hurricane Window $1,3K - $2K

    Capability Resist the aggressive winds of a hurricane

Hurricane Windows VS Impact Windows

Impact windows are necessary to apply a shatterproof film on the glass to prevent it from breaking. An hurricane window, on the other hand, are made of glass or PBV plastic with a certain level of wind resistance.

Impact Window

Hurricane Window

Impact Window

Impact windows are necessary to apply a shatterproof film on the glass to prevent it from breaking. Otherwise, glass shards would fly everywhere, hurting someone in the process.

Hurricane Window

Hurricane windows, on the other side, are made of several layers. Some of them are made of glass or PBV plastic. The plastic layers in between the glass layers have to work like glue to hold the glass in place, preventing it from breaking.

During a hurricane, debris can be dangerous, but the plastic layers won’t break if they get struck. This means extra protection.

Where Can I Find Impact Window Rebates in Florida?

Do you wonder, are impact window companies near me? There are plenty of impact windows companies in Florida. Get free estimates from window installers near you.

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These windows may qualify for income tax credits, but only if they meet ENERGY STAR requirements for certification as energy-efficient windows.

High-impact windows can resist violent weather changes, and can hold up if they are struck by tough elements. They stay in their frames and remain in one piece.

You’ll be getting windows capable of resisting hurricanes, so the investment is worth the cost.

Yes, they can break. They are impact-resistant and not impact-proof.

While impact windows are valuable, they don’t increase the value of the house.

The amount of money you can save by having hurricane windows is strictly a matter of your insurance provider. But generally, you will save hundreds of dollars monthly.

Unfortunately, these windows are not capable of stopping bullets. However, you can invest in a bulletproof impact window.

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