How much is it to Replace Picture Window in Florida? Ultimate Buying Guide (2022)

Average range: $850 - $1,500



Average Cost




(Vinyl & picture low-E glass windows installed simultaneously)

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The price to replace picture window in Florida ranges from 850$ to 1500$, there are different types of picture windows. We provide full information about picture window prices for installation in this guide.

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What is a Picture Window?

A picture window is a type of window that is stationary, which means it doesn’t open. They are used to provide natural light to a zone or to have an amazing view from inside the building.


New Picture Window Price in Florida

Picture windows are considerably cheaper than other types of windows, as they require fewer materials. A new picture window installation costs from $700 to $1,2K with labor costs included.

Picture Window Replacement Cost

The cost for window replacement, in the case of standard picture windows, ranges from $850$ to $1,500 on average. Considering you need to retire one broken window to replace it with another, the price is a bit higher.

Labor cost is around 30$ per hour, you might consider the time needed for the replacement as well.

Picture Window Installation Average Cost

The price could change depending on different factors, like size, type of glass, and style of your picture window. On this list, you will see the prices according to those characteristics.

Picture Window Price List by Frame Size

How much are large picture windows? And how big could a picture window be?

The standard sizes go from 24 x 12 inches to 96 x 96 inches. Of course, the bigger the window the higher the price. This is the cheapest kind of window to install, its price ranges from 300$ to 2000$.

But other factors could increase or decrease your prices even more:

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Vinyl Picture Windows Installation Price

A vinyl window is a window with a frame made out of plastic material, cheaper than wood or aluminum.  The vinyl window replacement cost ranges from 850$ to 1,500$ with labor costs included.

Price may vary depending on the structure, and materials want to use.

Picture Window Glass Replacement Cost

You probably know a window could be done with different types of glass, each with pros and cons. There are many types of glass windows for window replacement, and they have different prices:

Double Pane

Double pane windows are a kind of window that has two panels with a small gap in the middle. The reason for this is that way the window regulates the heat entering the house through the window.

They require special work and double materials so the cost is higher, but the quality also increases.


Tempered glass is a panel of glass with a special treatment that makes it safer and thicker. It allows less heat from the sun outside, and it is a little more energy efficient. The price for tempered glass is 5$ per square foot. To calculate the price of your window just calculate how much you need and determine the price.


Laminated glass is an extra safe selection for your window, recommendable if you want to make big windows. They don’t shatter when broken, and they are very resistant to projectiles like stones. However, laminated glass is a lot more expensive than tempered glass, as it is more resistant.


Low-e stands for low emissivity glass, which has a special coating that protects people from UV light. It’s perfect for those windows that allow plenty of light to the house, especially in areas like the kitchen or living room.

It costs from 5$ to 8$ per square foot, Low-E glass is one of the most expensive.


Argon-filled windows have this special gas in the space between panes. It protects people from UV rays and also achieves excellent thermal performance in the house. The gas is completely safe, but they are more expensive (15$ to 70$ per square foot).

Triple Pane

As the name points out, a triple pane window is that one that has three panels of glass. Three panes of glass achieve a great U-factor (heat loss) than other types of windows. However, they require a lot of material, so they are expensive.

Conservation Hurricane Glass

The most expensive kind of glass, as it is the safest and most resistant on this list. Conservation hurricane glass is designed to resist hurricanes, it doesn’t shatter and it’s incredibly difficult to break.

The price is about 50$ to 60$ per square foot of hurricane glass, expensive in comparison to other glasses.

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Cost To Install a Picture Window in Florida by Style

There are many styles for different houses and preferences, prices vary depending on the work needed. There are very complex styles that require highly professional work, which could be more expensive.

Top 4 Picture Window Manufacturers Brand in Florida

When choosing a window is very important you consult with the experts only. They count on the best brand replacement windows to provide their clients and certified professionals.

This is a list of the best companies and people who makes picture windows in Florida, based on experience.

Regency Window

Since 1985 Regency Windows counts on specialists that will assess your projects and give you precise results and costs. They provide their services to particular clients and even on big residential projects.

They offer high-quality materials and special works of all kinds; you can consult their website here.

Regency Window

Since 1985 Regency Windows counts on specialists that will assess your projects and give you precise results and costs. They provide their services to particular clients and even on big residential projects.

They offer high-quality materials and special works of all kinds; you can consult their website here.

ESWindows Glass Manufacturer

They are specialists in unique and modern pieces of work that balance decoration with efficiency. They also count on specialists and assessors that can guide you through the process to buy your windows.

Check out ESWindows’ website here where you can see their works and hire them.

CGI Windows

The perfect option if you want specifically conservation hurricane glasses that resist storms. They have many years of experience and offer some of the best products in anti-storm materials.

Also, their position in the market allows them to offer a very competitive price to their clients. Visit CGI Windows’ website here, you will find proof that they have the best service in this area.

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Impact Picture Window Cost in Florida by Location

The impact windows cost can be higher or lower depending on the zone you live in. As you may know, these kinds of materials have more or less demand depending on the zone.

This is a list of the prices according to the zone you may live in:

Impact Windows Tampa

These windows are built of sturdy materials that can survive Tampa’s regular storms and are precisely designed and masterfully crafted by experts, to give you cost-saving energy efficiency, superior safety and security, increased comfort, and spectacular beauty.
Looking for a company that does this service in Tampa is the first step. Installing these windows can cost from $800 to $2000

Fort Myers Storm Window Price

Living in a beautiful place like this is nice, but we might need some measures in case of storms or hurricanes.

While most homeowners protect themselves with special shutters, in these circumstances, is not a bad idea to have storm windows in Fort Myers.

They are a beneficial addition to your house, in case of an emergency.

Awning Storm Window Lakeland

Awning storm windows are an excellent choice for houses in wet and windy climates, such as those found in Lakeland, Florida.
They provide greater flexibility and security when it comes to opening your home for airflow, regardless of the weather.
Getting these special windows can cost you about $900 and $2700, depending on lots of factors.

Hurricane Windows St Petersburg FL

Storms can be annoying if we don’t have appropriate measures for them. Having storm windows at home can help us avoid a lot of problems.
That’s why it is important to acquire a storm home window installation service in St. Petersburg.
Depending on the company, you can find these services for $700 onwards per window. Storm windows are installed in the same frame as standard windows.

Hurricane Windows Sarasota

Always keep in mind the services available in Sarasota County for awning storm windows installation or repair.
They provide a variety of benefits to city inhabitants during hurricane season, whether you require hurricane protection, energy savings, or home security.

Windows with these characteristics can be worth around $850 and $2000.

Hurricane Windows Boca Raton

When it comes to the foundation of your home in Boca Raton, hurricane impact windows are quite important.

Because Boca Raton is in a hurricane-prone location, it is critical to ensure that your house and family are adequately secured. 

This is why having an impact window company you can trust in Boca de Raton is crucial.

Storm Windows Fort Lauderdale

The weather in Fort Lauderdale is harsh on residential constructions, and the first line of defense is the windows.
Getting storm-resistant windows usually costs $2,5K, but it could be less pricey or even more, it all depends on certain aspects.

8 Key Features to Estimate Cost for Picture Window Replacement

These are important features of windows to estimate and know exactly the cost for picture window replacement. You should also consult an expert before buying, make sure you don’t regret your decision.

The energy-efficient windows are those that don’t allow the cool or heat from your house to escape. This is necessary for space with an air conditioner in it, but might not be good in spaces like a kitchen.

If you want a specific shape for your picture window, it is more expensive than standard-sized windows.

The windows screens are those panes without a frame that offer excellent views, depending on the size, could result very expensive.

The warranty rises the price a little bit, depending on the problems it covers. However, we highly recommend purchasing from companies that offer a warranty, even if it is more expensive.

There are picture windows replacement financing programs that can offer you help to pay for your windows. Especially hurricane windows are financed by many organizations in Florida, make sure you apply to one of them.

If your replacement includes certain work to remove the old window, the price could rise for the labor cost.

You can also get an assessment from an expert to determine the price depending on the window you want. For this, the expert goes to your house and assesses the structure and other important features.

Fortunately, picture windows are not difficult to clean, but you should learn how to clean picture windows properly.

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Picture Window VS Casement

Picture windows offer you a better view due to the lack of frame, compared to the casement window. Depending on the needs of the user it may be best in some parts of the structure.

Picture Window VS Double Hung Cost

Once again, picture windows will offer you a way better view of a zone than double-hung windows. However, Double hung windows can be opened, as picture windows can’t.

Additional Considerations & Costs

Some other important advice you should consider before buying a window.

If you want to install many windows on your property you should look for a company that can get you a special price. Some companies can give you a package price, depending on the kind of job you need.

Not every type of window is for every type of room, make sure you know what you need before you buy something else.

If you already have a window in your house, you can modify it and turn it into something different. Depending on the circumstances, the price is lower in these cases.

This is important to know if you need UV light-resistant glass in your window or not.

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Casement windows open like a case, and that’s why it has that name. Its mechanism to open is similar to a laptop, very easy to operate. While a picture window is a window that can’t open, it just offers some light from the outside.

In warmer areas, awning windows are more energy-efficient than traditional windows and assist in cooling the house.

No, picture windows don’t need mechanisms to open, and it’s easy to install, which makes them affordable. Also, their maintenance is very easy to do, so they won’t need special window cleaning services.

Many modern houses use picture windows for the incredible look it gives the house in and out. You can also find many ideas for picture

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