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Average range: $1,300 - $2,200K



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(Include vinyl & casement low-E glass windows installed simultaneously)

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Casement windows replacement can be used for many purposes, not only for people living in a traditional house but also for customers in modern houses, apartment buildings, or even villas.

Casement windows usually open at wide angles, allowing plenty of light to pass through during the day.

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What Does Casement Window Mean?

A casement window belongs to the type of windows with one of the most common opening systems. A casement window can have one or two sashes that open like a door, on a vertical axis.The opening can be outwards or inwards

The design of casement windows is ideal for providing adequate thermal and acoustic insulation while providing adequate lighting and ventilation, plus a modern look for our house.


New Casement Window Cost in Florida

Compared to single or triple casement windows, casement windows are, on average, somewhat a bit more expensive in terms of both cost and construction time.

The average cost of casement windows in Florida ranges from $850 to $1800, depending on the specifics of each design and the type of material.

Price For Casement Window Replacement

Casement windows are gaining terrain in modern construction day by day. The average cost for casement window replacement is $1,3K to $2,2K, and most homeowners pay around $1,7K for a 25″ x 60″ replacement casement window with Low-E glass, installed by a professional.

Casement Window Installation Cost in Florida

When installing casement windows, insulation and support are the main factors that determine the cost of their installation. On average, installing a new casement window costs about $400 – $750.

Casement Windows Prices List By Types

Casement windows replacement are a type of window that is highly sought after by traditional and classy users. The cost can vary between $850 and $1800 dollars, depending on the specifications of each case.

A major benefit of casement windows is that they often open either sideways or upwards, depending on where the fixed axis is.

Single Casement Windows

One of the most common types of casement windows replacement in Florida is the single casement one. 

The single casement window is always a highly recommended option for adding charm and functionality to any home, whether traditional or modern. As you may guess, they’re a bit cheaper.

Their cost can go from $850 to $1,2K, of course, it always depends on certain conditions, such as the difficulty of installation, etc.

Double/French Casement Windows

Double-hung casement windows are often referred to as French casement windows due to their similarity to French doors in the way they open. They are an attractive option for windows in large areas with a wide view. 

Exotic options for demanding customers, their price starts normally at $1,200 and can go as high as $1,500, based on what the customer requires.

Picture Window With Casement Flankers

Picture windows are generally used to showcase the landscape, let in lots of natural light, and enhance the design plus aesthetics of your home.

Casement windows tend to have wide views, so they tend to be large windows that do not clash with any type of home. 

Guess what, when you combine these two, you obtain picture windows with casement flankers. 

They enhance your home’s appearance, as well as increase natural light and ventilation. They are a bit expensive though. Picture window replacement cost is around $1000 to $1,2K.

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Cost For Casement Window by Frame Sizes

Casement windows come in different sizes. The minimum and maximum dimensions of a casement window depend on the frame material used and the manufacturer.

List, includes price per window, installation, frame material, impact hurricane glass and fixed style, 1 opener or french.

Vinyl Casement Window Replacement Cost in Florida

Prices in general for casement windows tend to be somewhat higher than other types of windows, vinyl window replacement costs range from $850 to $2K without installation and $1,2K to $2,8K with professional installation.

Cost For Casement Window Installation By Types Of Pane

For a casement window, the average cost of an average size window is $699 to $1,8K each. As for the cost of labor, it can be estimated at $45 to $60 per hour worked.

This cost is also influenced by the type of material and window design required by the customer.

Double Pane

With some fluctuation caused by local state tabulations, the price of a double-pane casement window ranges from $850 to $1,8K, but we may talk about an average cost of roughly $45 per hour when it comes to professional fees for this service.

Triple Pane

As for the triple panel windows, the cost is somewhat higher in relation to the specifications that the customer may request, reaching a cost of between $1,9K and $2,3K each. As for the labor cost, it can vary between 50 and 60 dollars.


This type of window is mainly used in commercial premises and areas with large spaces

This low-emissivity technology is the one that allows its widespread use in shopping centers and hotels. The average cost of this type of window can be estimated at between $1,5K and $1,8K depending on its size.


Argon is used to fill the spaces between double and triple-pane windows. To fill the panes, argon is pumped through one small hole, while air is let out through another.

The average cost can be estimated at between $1,500 and $1,800, which is somewhat higher than for double pane windows alone.

Conservation Hurricane Glass

In the state of Florida, security is the best explanation for why storm windows should be purchased.

If you reside near the shore, you are aware of the devastation that a storm can do since you may have to spend hours fastening plywood in your home’s or office’s openings. 

For this kind of window, prices replacement expenses are anticipated to be between $1,3K and $24K.


Prices for windows that are manufactured with tempered glass range from $1,5K to $1,8K , depending on the size and particular characteristics of the window.

This is a special safety glass, manufactured and treated with a special material using a process that puts it through heat, pressure, and chemicals to create alloys that make it a very strong glass.


Casement windows with laminated glass are estimated to cost between $850 and $1,5K. These windows are constructed from two layers of glass and resin. Because of its composition, window glass is more durable and maintains its integrity even when subjected to powerful blows or disturbances.

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Grooved Glass Replacement Cost For Casement Window

Replacing a window’s glass can give your house a fresher look. The glass for window replacement service is around $1,7K, but will typically cost between $850 and $2,2K.

Grooved glass in particular is known for being more expensive than common glass.


Colonial windows are classic windows that have been used for years and they never lose their charm.
Many enthusiastic customers want to maintain that classic and traditional style with colonial casement windows, they are regular sized either rectangular or square.
The process of replacing your current windows for this type of window is around $850 and $1,2K


Casement windows with diamond-patterned glass are manufactured by cutting and shaping float glass, which results in a beautiful three-dimensional diamond-shaped effect, creating a beautiful and visually appealing pattern.
The average cost of this type of window ranges from $1K to $1,8K.


The type of window called prairie stained glass was invented by Frank Wright, who was a well-known designer and architect, influential in modern architecture in the USA. 

It is used in many buildings to provide good natural light. 

Replacement windows for prairie casement windows can be found for between $850 and $1,000.

Classic Double Prairie

Classic Double Prairie casement windows are manufactured by adding a second pane of glass, creating a space that serves as air space. 

Replacing your old windows with Classic Double Prairie casement windows will cost between $1,5K and $2K, depending on size and other factors.

Casement Storm Windows Price List By City

Hurricane impact windows are designed to provide users who install them with a high level of security during hurricanes or tornados. 

These windows are built with special materials with a higher resistance than those traditionally used, protecting your property from the onslaught of nature.

A hurricane impact window cost in Florida can range from $1,7K to $2,7K.

Impact Windows Tampa

These casement windows are made of durable materials that can remain intact after storms or hurricane-force winds, which are very common at certain times of the year in the Tampa region.

Storm windows in Tampa can cost between $1,7K – $2,5K to install.

Impact Window For Sale Fort Myers

Despite the many advantages of owning a house in this charming Fort Myers neighborhood, residents nevertheless need to confront certain unique issues.

Search for a reputable provider to buy impact windows if you live in this area, one that’s equipped for hurricanes.

This kind of window might cost anywhere from $1,9K and $2,6K.

Casement Storm Window Lakeland

Casement Storm Windows are in high demand by many Floridians, as the heavy periods of storms and hurricanes that occur throughout the year make these types of solutions tremendously sought after by Lakeland residents in particular. 

The cost of these windows can be as low as $1,8K or as high as $2,3K, depending on the features requested by each customer.

Hurricane Casement Window St. Petersburg

When restoring casement windows after a storm, having the best window maintenance service is crucial.

Additionally, you need to be aware of the type of window repair services your house needs. The need for a trustworthy interior window repair service in St. Petersburg is important.

This service should cost between $2K and $2,3K for labor and installation, depending on what you need.

Hurricane Casement Windows Replacement Sarasota

Sarasota also has a time of year when it can be affected by this violent natural phenomenon. 

Companies in Sarasota that provide this service specialize in different types of windows, including casement windows that are hurricane and storm-resistant, offering the desired security for your home. 

The cost of these windows for repair is in the range of $2K to $2,7K.

Hurricane Windows Boca Raton

If you live in Boca Raton, you should pay attention to protecting your home from storms by having windows strong enough to withstand these natural events. 

In Boca Raton, the average cost for a window repair and installation is estimated to be between $1,9K – $2,2K.

Impact Casement Windows Fort Lauderdale

The average cost of installing hurricane-proof windows for a whole house ranges from $1,8K to $2,4K , or $2,1K on average. The average cost per square foot of hurricane window in Fort Lauderdale ranges from $90 to $400 with specified labor.

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Top 4 Casement Windows Manufacturers Brand in Florida

Casement windows can be used for many purposes, not only for people living in a traditional house but also for customers in modern houses, apartment buildings or and even more.

The casement window also offers a large opening that allows plenty of sunlight in during the day.

So, who makes casement windows? Well, in this guide we’ll share with you 4 of the best brand replacement window companies, who’ll be up to the task for whatever you need in window-related themes.

Regency Window

Regency Windows is a leading manufacturer in the design, assembly, and installation of casement windows and all the other types of windows you can imagine. 

They provide their services in the finest possible way, using the greatest personnel and cutting-edge equipment. 

In Regency Window you can find original designs in which the optimization of the energy-saving system is guaranteed to sufficiently meet the expectations of all their customers.

ESWindows Glass Manufacturer

ESWindows Glass Manufacture, one of the best companies providing professional service in the entire field of window manufacturing, including casement windows.

Is among the top 4 leaders in the field of the best window manufacturers in the state of Florida.

They offer quality service, responsibility, and efficiency in its delivered products, which meet the requirements and expectations of all its customers.

PGT Windows

Take part in the experience of being attended by a company like PGT Windows, and take advantage of the security, quality, and professionalism with which they develop their services.

Ranked as one of the top 4 companies in the state of Florida as a manufacturer of windows. 

Being the best specialists in advising their customers with the best alternative design for the windows of your home, with all types of enclosures, including casement windows and much more.

CGI Windows

You can be confident that CGI Windows will provide the greatest quality, security, and dependability in the design and installation of all sorts of windows. Including casement windows, no matter what window design you have in mind

You can be confident that CGI Windows will offer you the best options, no budget is left apart.

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8 Key Features To Estimate Cost For Casement Window Replacement

Once you decide on the style of casement window replacement you want for your home, keep the following tips and additional costs

If you plan to replace or install your home’s windows, now is the right time, that’s why it’s important to keep in mind energy efficiency windows.

Deficiencies in the use of windows produce inconveniences such as increases in energy costs, uncomfortable drafts, or lack of airtightness in their closing.

The choice of energy-efficient windows is a safe investment, which will make your property revalue and get the comfort you deserve.

A warranty on any job is a prerequisite for comprehensive quality service.

This benefit gives the client the security and certainty that the work will be performed under appropriate guidelines initially agreed upon in the work contract.

The most important one is to guarantee that your investment won’t be in vain.

In the state of Florida, we have a financing program provided by Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), which allows for financing such as in this case to renovate or install new windows.

With this opportunity, almost any homeowner can improve energy efficiency and adequately protect their home by taking advantage of the windows replacement financing program and give their house a fresher look by changing some windows.

A highly recommended option in your home window improvement would be to install casement windows screens.

This would be very practical when it comes time to put up or take down the screens as the seasons change throughout the year, besides, mosquitoes are annoying.

Using casement window screens will keep you and your family mosquito-free.

Flyscreens For Casement Windows

Casement window flyscreens are a common choice for window coverings.

Casement window design is suggested for many different types of residences and has a wide range of applications. Because they can be utilized in any kind of home, whether classic or modern, they are so popular.

Windows can usually be safely removed from the exterior with few or no power tools if the house is elevated above street level and adjacent structures are on a solid foundation.

There are some essential tools for removing window frames like a pry bar, jigsaw, scroll saw, and others.

To keep windows functioning at their best, they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly; this task is also done by many window maintenance brands, just like the ones we mentioned in a past section of this guide.

Windows are notoriously weak points when it comes to insulating houses, apartments, or commercial premises.

Older houses in particular are real “energy guzzlers” and cause unnecessary costs.

That’s why it is important to find a good casement window insulation installation service.

In natural ventilation systems, fresh air is usually supplied by keeping windows open. So it is of vital importance to properly select the type of window according to the particular conditions of each case.

Casement Windows Pros And Cons

Awning windows are really good choices for any kind of home. Find out more info about some of the awning window benefits, and cons as well.



Casement Window VS Double Hung Cost

Cost-wise, casement windows are around 15% more expensive than double-hung windows. Because the mechanical processes required to make it function are more complicated, the price is greater.

Casement windows have the significant benefit of being hermetically sealed, which reduces energy consumption and improves draft control.

Casement Windows VS Single Hung Cost

Casement windows are about twice as expensive as single-hung windows, which is due to the greater complexity and better features of casement windows.
Not to mention that they’re usually bigger in most cases.

Casement VS Awning Window

When choosing replacement windows for your house, it’s crucial to consider the objectives you expect to achieve by upgrading your windows, taking into consideration the financial resources you have available to complete such a job.

We leave you with a comparison of casement windows and awning windows so that you can decide with more clarity.

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Casement windows can open inward or outwards, whereas casement windows swing-out horizontally by opening at the middle of the window and opening a series of casements horizontally.
They usually come with a handle that makes their opening and closing easy, as well as being a safety measure.


It is usually advised to use a handle to access and secure the window to keep it closed and safe. An ideal casement window will fulfill all necessary safety requirements, so you can always rest assured.

No window is simple to open. Even if the casement window is closed, a thief may still be able to enter the home.
If properly constructed, casement windows are not easy to break into, since they let almost no space for people to sneak in.

Casement windows often have high durability, up to 20 to 30 years with regular maintenance. But it heavily depends on the quality of the window.

Even though they often cost more, casement windows are frequently the most preferred due to their utility and effectiveness.

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