Awning Windows Replacement Cost Florida: Ultimate Buying Guide (2022)

Average range: $1,200 - $1,900



Average Cost




(Include vinyl & awning low-E glass windows installed simultaneously)

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Awning windows are those that are hinged at the top and open to the outside from the bottom, leaving space for air circulation and protection from the storm. 

They are usually placed high up in the walls to provide privacy or better views with large windows. This guide will help you find awning windows replacement in Florida.

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What Are Awning Windows?

In their most architectural sense, they are windows that open from both sides when pushed or pulled to form a 90° angle thanks to hinges that are inserted into the frame.

Awning windows specifications are versatile and adapt to different styles and rooms in the house. It is possible to install them high up on the wall and maintain privacy or lower down for more accessibility.


Price For New Awning Window in Florida

Replacing windows has many costs since a lot of factors play an important role in determining the price. Awning windows are no exception to this rule. 

The cost for window replacement is around $850 each, with an average range between $850 to $1500. These costs can triple depending on the size of the home.

Cost For Awning Windows Installation

Home windows have a total replacement cost that varies based on the specific circumstances for each case due to their uniqueness.

However, as a general guideline,  awning window installation should cost between $350 and $750 for each window. The labor cost is expected to be between $200 and $350 per window.

Awning Windows Cost by Frame Sizes In Florida

Usually, the size determines the final cost. If there are variations in sizes, an acceptable reference cost would be to average the lowest and highest price ranges to obtain the average.

Taking this into account, then for a small window, the cost can be as low as $850 and as high as $1,5K, also influenced by the design and material to be used.

As for labor, the average cost, applying the above equation, would be between $250 and $400 for the average window.

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Vinyl Awning Windows Replacement Cost in Florida

Awning windows vinyl is a very popular choice among people, as it is a practical and economical solution, with easy maintenance.

As for the vinyl awning window frames, they are durable and give very striking visuals to the window, and different materials can be used for their manufacture.

Awning Windows Price List By Types Of Pane

For a small window, material prices can be around $850, but can also be as high as $14,000. In general, prices for decorated and ornate windows can even exceed $10,000.

Labor costs can be estimated at $250 to $400 per window, which equates to about $45 – $50 per hour of work.

Double Pane

The average cost of a mid-size double panel window is about $850 – $1,7K per window

As for labor, according to local tabulation, the cost of that item is about $40 per hour, taking into account the choice of window brand, materials, and selection of window type. 

Triple Pane

For a triple pane window, the average cost goes up according to the requirements that are requested, for example, the cost of a triple pane window is about $1,800 each. For this case, the average labor cost is about $45-$50.


Low-e windows are one of the most used in shopping malls and large spaces. Installation cost is usually estimated per square foot and can be between $6 and $10. 

An upgrade in this technology has evolved to high visible light transmittance Low-E films, which are more expensive, averaging between $1,5K – $2,5K.


The use of argon filler usually costs on average 10% more than traditional glazing. You can estimate prices between $1,200 – $1,600 per window, taking into account argon double glazing.

Conservation Hurricane Glass

Windows specifically designed to be marketed as impact and hurricane resistant are made with special, impact-resistant glass, achieved with a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) coating.

The average cost to manufacture and install an impact-resistant window, for a complete house, is between $2,500 and $14,000 or on average about $8200. 

The cost of labor, depending on the specifications required, is between $100-$420.


Prices for windows that are manufactured with tempered glass range from $1,400 to $1,700, depending on the size and particular characteristics of the window.

This is a special safety glass, manufactured and treated with a special material using a process that puts it through heat, pressure, and chemicals to create alloys that make it a very strong glass.


The average cost for replacement laminated glass windows is around $1,000 – $1,500. This type of window helps prevent forced entry and is made by bonding layers of glass with resins. 

It results in a much stronger glass, going so far as to remain unbroken after a large impact from a stone or even a bullet.

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Grooved Glass Replacement Cost For Awning Window

The purpose of grooved glass is to etch various patterns or figures on the surface of the glass. This type of robust 3D effect glass may be made transparent and translucent, making it ideal for use as a divider or decorating glass.

It is often laminated after coloring. The following types of glass for window replacement are the most popular:

Home Awning Storm Windows Average Cost By City

Awning windows with armored glass costs go from a really wide range of prices, hurricane impact windows cost in Florida are around $1,2K to $2,5K and require around 2-3 hours to install at a rate of $30 to $65 per hour.

Awning Impact Windows Tampa

These windows are built of sturdy materials that can survive Tampa’s regular storms and are precisely designed and masterfully crafted by experts, to give you cost-saving energy efficiency, superior safety and security, increased comfort, and spectacular beauty.

Looking for a company that does this service in Tampa is the first step. Installing these windows can cost from $1,200 to $1,600

Fort Myers Awning Storm Window Price

Living in a beautiful place like this is nice, but we might need some measures in case of storms or hurricanes.

While most homeowners protect themselves with special shutters, in these circumstances, is not a bad idea to have storm windows in Fort Myers.

They are a beneficial addition to your house, in case of an emergency.

Awning Storm Window Lakeland

Awning storm windows are an excellent choice for houses in wet and windy climates, such as those found in Lakeland, Florida.

They provide greater flexibility and security when it comes to opening your home for airflow, regardless of the weather.

Getting these special windows can cost you about $1,400 and $1,800, depending on lots of factors.

Hurricane Windows St Petersburg FL

Storms can be annoying if we don’t have appropriate measures for them. Having storm windows at home can help us avoid a lot of problems.

That’s why it is important to acquire a storm home window installation service in St. Petersburg.

Depending on the company, you can find these services for $1,300 – $2,000 onwards per window. Storm windows are installed in the same frame as standard windows.

Hurricane Windows Sarasota

Always keep in mind the services available in Sarasota County for awning storm windows installation.

They provide a variety of benefits to city inhabitants during hurricane season, whether you require hurricane protection, energy savings, or home security.

Windows with these characteristics can be worth around $1,500 and $2000.

Hurricane Windows Boca Raton

When it comes to the foundation of your home in Boca Raton, hurricane impact windows are quite important.

Because Boca Raton is in a hurricane-prone location, it is critical to ensure that your house and family are adequately secured. 

This is why having an impact window company you can trust in Boca de Raton is crucial.

Storm Windows Fort Lauderdale

The weather in Fort Lauderdale is harsh on residential constructions, and the first line of defense is the windows.
Getting storm-resistant windows usually costs $1,5K $2,5K, but it could be less pricey or even more, it all depends on certain aspects. 

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Top 4 Awning Window Manufacturers Brand in Florida

In the state of Florida, you can find the best brand replacement windows from several important companies responsible for the manufacture and installation of different types of windows. 

If sometimes you wondered “Who makes awning windows in Florida?” then we got the answer you were looking for.

4 companies that have stood out over recent years in this field are Regency Window, ESWindows Glass Manufacturer, PGT Windows, and CGI Windows.

Regency Window

Regency Windows specializes in manufacturing windows and doors of any type and design required by customers

They have the staff and equipment required to develop any window and door design. RG’s range of products, with their energy-saving system, can make whatever the customer’s requirements tailored to their needs.

ESWindows Glass Manufacturer

ESWindows Glass Manufacture is a company located in the state of FL, USA, that offers unbeatable service in the field of casement windows, replacement windows, or replacement windows.

According to its work history, it is ranked in the top 4 Awning Window Manufacturers Brand in Florida, providing quality and efficiency in its products for protection against extreme weather conditions.

PGT Windows

Feel the confidence, security, and quality that a company like PGT Windows, regarded as a specialist in impact and weather-resistant window enclosure solutions, can bring to its customers.

Join the family of customers satisfied by PGT Windows, which we are sure will meet your expectations when you contact them, and contract with their excellent team of professionals, who will be happy to assist you.

CGI Windows

Whether you choose the type of windows you like, whether it’s impact-resistant aluminum or windows with fewer security requirements, CGI® products exude strength and flexibility that is ideally suited to your price point.

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6 Key Features To Estimate Cost For Awning Window Replacement In Florida

Once you decide on the Awning window style you want for your home, consider additional costs and tips.

Several practices will help you achieve energy efficiency windows.

The following principles are the minimum required to optimize the energy window burden on a home during the summer:

Most Awning window replacement companies offer lifetime warranties. These policies are subject to the parties agreeing on the points to be fixed.

Don’t miss out on the chance to save money on your windows and doors replacement in the long term.

You may select from a variety of financing choices and have your new windows installed this year with our Florida windows replacement financing program.

Before commissioning the new window from the ground up, you should determine what difficulties it presents, evaluate the current window, see if it is feasible to make a change and ask any relevant questions to the window inspection expert.

The sashes and corners of antique windows are some of the most challenging sections to remove.

Following an evaluation of the work to be done, our skilled repair crew can complete any repairs to damaged areas, or remove them at all, depending on what you need.

Cleaning windows and facades in commercial and residential buildings is an important aspect of facilities management and is required to keep a building’s attractive look.

This is a specialized job that frequently necessitates operating at a height and using specialized equipment.

Awning Windows Replacement Florida Pros And Cons

Awning windows are really good choices for any kind of home. Find out more info about some of the awning window benefits, and cons as well.



Awning Windows VS Casement Cost

It is known that awning windows tend to be smaller compared to casement windows, this can be perceived in their price, as awning windows are less expensive.

Awning windows cost between $850 and $1500 per window, while casement windows are more expensive.

You won’t find a casement window for less than $700, since the prices revolve around $950 and $2K.

Awning Windows VS Sliding Windows

Awning Windows

Slidind Windows

Awning Windows VS Double Hung Windows

Awning windows are similar to double-hung windows, but instead of just sliding up and down, they can also be tilted. However, they do so in a unique way. 

They generally feature side panels that are held in place by a tiny hydraulic system that holds each panel in place after it is lowered.

Awning windows are useful because they may be put either horizontally or vertically, and their smaller window section provides more total usable area than double-hung windows.

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Awning windows open vertically from the bottom. They are opened and closed by turning a crank that pulls the lowest half of the sash outwards, providing good ventilation while keeping the rain out.

In warmer areas, awning windows are more energy-efficient than traditional windows and assist in cooling the house.

Awning windows are designed to open outwards, allowing airflow to pass through them easily.

As a result of their airflow-friendly design, your home may become fresher.

Awning windows are typically 2′ to 5’5-7/8″ wide and 1’8 to 3’6 long.
These kinds of windows are usually installed in bathrooms and other hard-to-reach locations, on kitchens for example, above worktops, cupboards, or sinks, which are common places for them to be put.
Most window providers, however, can customize the design of that specific window to match your home’s aesthetic.

According to the International Residential Code(IRC), an Egress window is big enough to allow people to escape easily in case of an emergency, like the occurrence of domestic fire, earthquakes, etc.
A window must have at least a width of 20’, a height of 24’, and at least 5,7 ft2 of total space, to allow people to get out of their homes safe and sound.

The main purpose of a Window Awning is to protect your house’s insides from excessive solar radiation.

Awnings like the ones on top of windows, provide enough shadow to protect your house and keep it fresh.

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