Double Hung Windows Replacement Cost Florida: Ultimate Buying Guide (2022)

Average range: $1,600 - $2,100



Average Cost




(Include vinyl frame & double-hung low-E glass windows installed simultaneously)

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Enjoy that beautiful, sober and traditional look to your home with double hung windows replacement. Offering top-notch energy efficiency, ventilation, protection, cleaning and a classic but functional appearance, we will make sure of that.

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What is Double Hung Windows?

A double hung window is a window that includes two opening sashes – one at the bottom and one at the top – that are able to slide up and down. This means, two completely operable sashes will allow to manage and optimize ventilation at will.


New Double Hung Window Replacement Cost In Florida

What are the aspects that influence cost for window replacement and installation of double hung window in a new construction the most?

It all depends on main different features: type of window that involves manufacturing material, as well as size, number of panes, brand, use of tempered or insulated glass and related labor fees.

The price ranges from $1100 to $1,600 with the labor cost included for a full window replacement. 

Let’s address them with our help, so you can choose the best double hung window for your house, at the best price.

Double Hung Windows Cost in Florida by Frame Sizes

For double hung windows, replacement and installation costs depend on many factors. Measured in inches, size can go from 24” to 48” wide and from 36” to 72” long.

Usually, standard home window sizes are made within these aforementioned measures, for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Windows can go into three categories

Energy Efficiency of Double Hung Windows

The average cost of installing a window with energy star certification runs from $1,100 to $2,500, varying on brands and labor costs that usually be around $200 to $350 per window.

Built and installed complying the ENERGY STAR certification, every double hung window made of vinyl guarantees state-of-the-art energy efficiency. This is possible thanks to application of insulation layers on strong panes.

As result, this avoids drafts or air leaks, helping to maintain a stable temperature level inside the room, making it unnecessary to waste more energy increasing the power of the air conditioning.

Electricity bills are lower, security is improved and property value increases big time this way. All while window energy efficiency provides a comfortable place to live or visit.

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Grooved Glass Replacement Cost for Double Hung Window

When it comes to glass for window replacement, there is nothing that provides more elegance and style in general to your house than a grooved glass for every double hung window.

Forget about that flat and boring look and get a more inspiring view, from the inside. Some of the different available styles in nicely crafted glass through an advanced engraving technique are:

Price for Double Hung Replacement by Type of Pane

Every window has a pane or glass type and energy efficiency, impact resistance, function and also final installation and replacement price depends on it.

Here is a quick comparison:

Double Pane

Double paned windows have two layers of glass one next to each other placed on the frame. This offers better isolation, protection and thermal transfer in comparison to weaker, less efficient but cheaper single paned windows.

In terms of cost, for an average sized double hang window with regular non-insulated nor tempered with a single pane, installation may reach from $700 to $1,100. On the other hand, windows with same characteristics with double pane can go from $1,100 to $1,800.

Triple Pane

A triple paned double hung replacement window provides even more strength, heat and sound isolation in comparison to a double paned window.

Therefore, this triple glazing gets higher cost with an average price of $1,900 for standard size windows made of vinyl, reaching up to $4,000.


Laminated or impact windows have specially treated and layered glass, which make it strong and durable against harsh weather conditions. Also, this type of window offers noise and heat isolation, no air drafts and does not get shattered if broken. 

Usually, a laminated or impact glass has impact on double hung window installation prices, which can reach up to $2,100 for standard sized vinyl frame windows. 


Low-E makes reference to low-E coated or low emissivity glass as treatment apply to the surface. Thinner than a piece of hair, this coating acts as a reflective material is able to absorb heat in winter and reflect it in summer, providing outstanding energy efficiency.

Double hung windows with a low-e coating in Florida can cost from $1,100 to $1,600, depending on manufacturing materials, window style and size.

Usually, a laminated or impact glass has impact on double hung window installation prices, which can reach up to $1,200 for standard sized vinyl frame windows


For ultimate insulation, double-pane windows can be filled with argon gas between the two or three layers of glass.

In this way, heat transfer is outstanding as sound and air insulation are also top-notch, decreasing utility bills immediately as it provides way more comfort.

For a standard medium sized argon-filled, double hung window with a double-glazing configuration – as it obviously should be – cost is around $2,000. This including impact-resistant glass and low-e coating.

Tempered Glass VS. Insulated

When glass is heat-treated, it acquires four times the strength of unannealed or regular glass, ideal for storms and similar.

If broken, tempered glass does not get shattered into pieces, equally to laminated glass. On the other hand, insulated glass refers to any window with a double paned configuration and beyond.

These are quite frequent now, due to single paned weakness and low sound, heat and air draft insulation capabilities.

Conservation Hurricane Glass

Conservation glass for double hung windows is the ultimate solution respecting heat transfer. This is why; this is the type of windows place worthy of being preserved install in their facilities, like museums and historical venues.

Windows based on this material reflect sun light without tinting the view, with a great insulating effect in winters. Your house will feel way more comfortable, reducing energy bills and with increased visibility.

Every coefficient like U-factor, Solar heat gain, visible transmittance, Air leakage and Condensation resistance is outperformed by conservation glass. This in direct comparison to ordinary low-E, single and double paned window.

Depending on style, size and material a conservation door alone cost from $1,500 to $2,500 on average, with installation and labor fees not included.

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Cost to Install a Double Hung Window by Style

Double hung windows come in plenty of different styles and designs, adapting to every need in terms of aesthetic, function and purpose you might have. 

With each style there are different characteristics, materials and installation techniques to consider, which ultimately influence price. 

Here are a few of the most frequent double hung window styles homeowners prefer in Florida

Top 4 Double Hung Windows for Sale Florida by Brand

Windows in general are as strong, secure and energy efficient as their installer and manufacturer turns out to be. Therefore, counting on actual double hung window professional service providers and brands is critical.

It is the only way of ensuring protection, insulation, clear view, sturdy construction, durability and the actual presence of every required quality certification. Here is a top 4 of the best impact window manufacturers in Florida:

Regency Windows

Regency Windows offers comprehensive doors and windows manufacturing and installation services.

From double hung windows to casement, sliding and be-fold windows, this brand specializes in making top-notch aluminum door and window frames, complying every required specification.

Also, Regency facilitates a completely customizable service in design and manufacturing, meeting customer´s needs at every level. Complete end-to-end service and expert in-house team are guaranteed.

ESWindows Glass Manufacturer

At ESWindows, homeowners and commercial property owners alike can find state-of-the-art architectural systems for their homes and workplaces.

Including windows, facades and doors specifically designed to endure hurricanes and similar weather conditions, ESWindows provides wide product lines.

Prestige, Elite and MultiMax are some of these lines of products, each of them addressing different niches and designed with the highest protection, energy saving and quality standards.

PGT Windows

PGT Windows must definitely of the best brand replacement windows in Florida. This company specializes in door and window manufacturing and installation, by frame, style, performance features and collection.

Whether home and properties owners require assistance in window manufacturing and installation when building or remodeling a house, PGT Windows is there.

The wide array of solutions, products and materials emphasize performance and resistance to impact, against harsh weather, UV light and intruders.

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Double Hung Storm Windows Installation Cost By City

With double hung storm windows, the real benefits in terms of protection against harsh weather conditions provided by laminated, tempered and conservation glasses are put to the test.

Of course, along with energy saving, noise and heat insulation advantages and avoiding the risk of flying shatters, thanks to the way these panes behave when get broken.

Find different budgets respecting impact window cost whatever you live in Florida. 

This with average prices according to window material, pane type, size, frame, style, brand, labor fees and more.

6 key Features to Estimate Cost for Double Hung Window Replacement

At the moment of replacing a double hung window at your home, there are some features and actions that influence price the most. These are six of them that allow to estimate cost more accurately:

Inspecting a proper candidate for window replacement is important, since this is the only way of making sure about material, style, design and pane and frame resistance.

In case having a very old and damaged window, removing it completely is required to replace it for a new one, adding cost.

Mullions are the decorative and supporting bars between glass panes on the window. Therefore, choosing a window with a sturdy mullion is imperative.

Windows must be easy to clean and only properly double paned, insulated and laminated double hung windows provide that, especially those models with tilt-in feature.

A window replacement financing program is a great tool to acquire that dream double hung window, easily and to pay monthly. Not paying down will allow us to get a stronger and more durable and beautiful window for replacement.

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Double Hung Window: Pros and cons

Without a doubt, there are plenty of benefits of double hung windows, such as: replacement.



Double Hung Window VS. Single Hung

Are double hung windows better than single hung? Regarding some features, this is definitely true. Although, they are similar in some regards. 

For instance, double hung windows are more versatile and offer better ventilation and airflow when needed. This is thanks to the double sash design. However, single hung windows are usually less expensive and give that more Victorian-Colonial look. 

Double Hung Windows VS. Casement

Are double hung windows better than casement? The answer to this question depends on who is answering.

You see, these types of windows work differently. Casement windows open outwards from the side releasing a crank, usually installed horizontally.

Double hung windows have two sashes that can be opened moving them as they slide over the frame, frequently installed vertically.

Now, in terms of aesthetic, maintenance, durability, energy efficiency and cost, double hung and casement windows are similar. It is up to you and your personal preference.

Tips and Additional Costs

Here are some tips and additional costs related to installation and replacement of double hung windows at your property:

For better and more optimized design aesthetically and functional, double hung windows are better suited for entertainment areas and second floors.

In order for insulation to be effective in double hung windows, it is recommendable to always choose double glazing. Also, sealing the gaps and replacing failing frames is something to do. 

Double hung windows have a high cost-effective ratio, due to the low utility bills thanks to energy consumption optimization.

Windows opening only half way through usually present maintenance issues, with dirt build up on the frames. Cleaning and then spraying a little amount of lubricant can solve the issue, as long as the spring is not affected.

If it comes the time of replacing or installing new windows, the best thing is to do a multiple window installation. This will make energy bills decrease drastically and in many cases following this approach means lower total price.

Combining window style can be a great way of improving the aesthetics of your property. Double hung, along with awning, transom and slider windows are trend. 

Laminated, conservation and tempered paned double hung windows are ideal for any weather condition, adding value, protection and energy use optimization to the property.

Now, in states like Florida where hurricanes are likely to happen, counting on an impact or storm-resistant windows is a must.

According to the Florida Building Code, you need a permission for building an impact window on your property.

Buildings in High Velocity Hurricane Zones or HVHZ zones – like Miami-Dade Counties or South Florida – particularly require this permission to guarantee safety standards.

Modern Double Home Window Design Ideas: Inspiration Gallery

With a great window design your home can have that classic, yet modern style by combining double hung and casement windows.
Bay, bow, sliding and awning also provide that incredible aesthetics, especially made in a material like vinyl, which is versatile and easy to handle.
Here is an inspiration gallery, showing benefits and possibilities of architectural and structure design windows are able to give. Like this, natural light, energy use optimization, protection, insulation and sustainability are assured.

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Double hung windows are more versatile in terms of design, also allowing improved ventilation, security and easy cleaning. On the other hand, slider windows are better for larger windows and easier to use, with the cons of being harder to clean and more expensive.

A double hung window can be installed horizontally, but it would require structural modifications in the property. For instance, in double hung windows sashes remain in place thanks to the friction generated on the frame. If installed vertically, it would be impractical to use.

Double hung windows become hard to open and close when debris build up on the tracks. In this case, cleaning is the best solution. Now, if the issue comes from a problem in the foundation, frame or other structure of the window, the best thing to do is calling for professional assistance.

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