Single hung Windows Replacement Cost Florida: Ultimate Buying Guide (2022)

Average range: $1,200 - $2,200



Average Cost




(Include vinyl & single-hung low-E glass windows installed simultaneously)

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Are you looking for single hung windows replacement in Florida, but you don’t know where to find them? In that case, this is the article for you. 

In this definitive buying guide, we will go over every detail about single-hung window replacement so that you don’t overlook anything.

Furthermore, we will talk to you about costs and brands, and with this information, you will have the chance of selecting the most suitable replacement.

In this guide

What is a Single-Hung Window?

They present a single movable sash that can slide up from the bottom. The top area of the window doesn’t move, and whenever it’s open, both slashes overlap, meaning you won’t require extra space to ventilate.

Due to this, you will maximize the space around the window

They are particularly popular for bedrooms and patios. This is because the top sash doesn’t operate, making single-hung windows perfect for spaces where the upper sash is hard to reach.

They allow natural light to enter the house, as well as fresh air. Plus, they are very easy to operate, and highly efficient.


New Single Hung Windows Replacement Cost in Florida

In comparison to other states, windows in Florida have to do more. Essentially, they have to deal with UV rays and the heat, as well as resist the impact of hurricane-force winds and whatever is thrown at them by those winds.

Florida homes vary when it comes to these products, but single sash windows are among the most desired.

Keep in mind that there can be overlapping costs due to the frame and glass and how these two components influence the final project cost.

Cost for Single-Hung Window Installation

Even though single hung window installation doesn’t take much time, if done wrong, the window won’t function the way it should. 

You might still be capable of opening and closing it, but it won’t be smooth, and you will have to pay a lot more for repairs.

However, if it’s done correctly, you will only have to pay $350 to $700. Nevertheless, the final cost of the installation project is going to depend on the brand you choose, as well as:

Single Hung Windows Replacement Cost by Frame Sizes

Single-hung windows can come in various sizes, starting from small to large. A single window width can be as small as 24 inches and as large as 48 inches. 

When it comes to their height, they can be 36 inches small, and as large as 72 inches.

The cost of a replacement by frame size will depend entirely on the company that designs the replacement. On top of that, it can depend on the size of your current model.

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Grooved Glass Replacement Price for Single Window

You can select different grooved glass for window replacement if you want to, and depending on what you choose, the price could vary up to 20%. Here you will find the cost for each type of glass replacement.

Single-Hung Impact Windows Prices by Type of Pane

The best impact glass windows are the ones that protect the glass from different types of impacts, and the prices are very different:

How much Does a Vinyl Single Hung Windows Installation Cost?

You can always install vinyl single hung windows. However, the installation costs are different from one another. For instance, the national average cost is $1,700, and the average range differs from $1,200 to $2,200.

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Single Hung Window For Sale in Florida By Style

Each single-hung storm window has a different cost, and next up we are going to show you the range of prices:

Top 4 Best Single Window Replacement Brands in Florida

There are many excellent window brands out there, and here you are going to find some of the best brand replacement hurricane windows. However, to reduce the list, we picked the following 3:

Regency Window

Regency Windows is an excellent manufacturer. They design windows and doors for residential and commercial projects across Melbourne. Their projects can be custom manufactured according to the client’s specifications.

They have been working since 1985, and they have established an amazing reputation among the impact window manufacturers in Florida. Also, all of their in-house approaches enable them to offer the highest quality workmanship in product manufacture.

With Regency Windows every project you have will become a reality.

ESWindows Glass Manufacturer

With ESWindows, people can choose between commercial and residential projects. All of their projects are based on the motto of “Bringing the topmost quality and design to every project”, meaning their clients’ desires are their number one priority.

Their products are designed by a team of professionals and use the latest technology. In addition, they also develop doors and have a team of talented engineers and designers who will do their best to meet the needs of the owners.

All of the single-hung hurricane windows that ESWindows design are proven to protect the glass during a hurricane, and they will resist the impact of everything the breeze throws at the glass.  

PGT Windows

Lastly, we have PGT Windows. This brand does a lot more than just building impact-resistant windows and doors. They have partnered with Florida officials to help write the nation’s most stringent code requirements.

Additionally, thanks to an unmatched reputation for quality, millions of families choose PGT. With their vinyl and aluminum products, you will have protection against hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions.

Also, you’ll be secured from noise pollution and UV rays, meaning you’ll be getting more than just a glass on a surface.

CGI Windows

Lastly, we have PGT Windows. This brand does a lot more than just building impact-resistant windows and doors. They have partnered with Florida officials to help write the nation’s most stringent code requirements.

Additionally, thanks to an unmatched reputation for quality, millions of families choose PGT. With their vinyl and aluminum products, you will have protection against hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions.

Also, you’ll be secured from noise pollution and UV rays, meaning you’ll be getting more than just a glass on a surface.

Single Hung Impact Window Prices List By City

Not every window brand in Florida offers the same prices, and because of this, we decided to inform you of how the price range for impact window replacement changes according to the location:

Find The Best Impact Window Replacement In Your City

Single-hung Impact Window Lakeland

These windows are built of sturdy materials that can survive Tampa’s regular storms and are precisely designed and masterfully crafted by experts, to give you cost-saving energy efficiency, superior safety and security, increased comfort, and spectacular beauty.
Looking for a company that does this service in Tampa is the first step. Installing these windows can cost from $800 to $2000

Fort Myers Storm Window Price

Living in a beautiful place like this is nice, but we might need some measures in case of storms or hurricanes.

While most homeowners protect themselves with special shutters, in these circumstances, is not a bad idea to have storm windows in Fort Myers.

They are a beneficial addition to your house, in case of an emergency.

Awning Storm Window Lakeland

Awning storm windows are an excellent choice for houses in wet and windy climates, such as those found in Lakeland, Florida.
They provide greater flexibility and security when it comes to opening your home for airflow, regardless of the weather.
Getting these special windows can cost you about $900 and $2700, depending on lots of factors.

Hurricane Windows St Petersburg FL

Storms can be annoying if we don’t have appropriate measures for them. Having storm windows at home can help us avoid a lot of problems.
That’s why it is important to acquire a storm home window installation service in St. Petersburg.
Depending on the company, you can find these services for $700 onwards per window. Storm windows are installed in the same frame as standard windows.

Hurricane Windows Sarasota

Always keep in mind the services available in Sarasota County for awning storm windows installation or repair.
They provide a variety of benefits to city inhabitants during hurricane season, whether you require hurricane protection, energy savings, or home security.

Windows with these characteristics can be worth around $850 and $2000.

Hurricane Windows Boca Raton

When it comes to the foundation of your home in Boca Raton, hurricane impact windows are quite important.

Because Boca Raton is in a hurricane-prone location, it is critical to ensure that your house and family are adequately secured. 

This is why having an impact window company you can trust in Boca de Raton is crucial.

Storm Windows Fort Lauderdale

The weather in Fort Lauderdale is harsh on residential constructions, and the first line of defense is the windows.
Getting storm-resistant windows usually costs $2,5K, but it could be less pricey or even more, it all depends on certain aspects.

7 Key Features to Estimate Cost For Single Hung Windows Replacement

To estimate the price for window replacement, you need to have accurate information, and that is exactly what we are going to present to you:

Also known as energy-efficient, they prevent heated or cooled air from escaping your house. Thanks to this, there will be a reduction in energy usage; therefore, you will pay less for your electric bill.  

In case they stop working, you will need to get professional help. Otherwise, they won’t do their job correctly, and they won’t save energy.

Having a single-hung window installation warranty will mean that the window brand did a good job at installing it, and whenever you want to take it down, all you have to do is show the warranty to the new brand.
Otherwise, they’ll think that an unauthorized company did the installation process.

Not everyone is aware of this, but there is a windows replacement financing program in Florida, and it’s called the PACE Program. All you have to do is apply for the program and check if your home’s location and project qualify.

At that point, submit the application and you need to wait for the pre-approval. If you qualify, the program is going to provide you with a contractor so you can choose who works on your home improvement project.

After that, the contractor will begin work on your project and you will not be paid until you notify the program of the project’s completion.

Every now and then you should get your windows examined to make sure nothing’s wrong. In case something is not right with the window, then you will need to have it removed.

Removing an old window won’t be for free, and according to the current state of the old window, it may take more time to remove it, as well as a lot of effort.

Mullions have become enormously popular nowadays, and if your window has a mullion, then the replacement cost will increase based on what you demand. For example, if you want to remove it, it will take longer and specific tools to do so, meaning more money.

You have to clean and take care of your window if you intend to replace it, because the cleaner it is, the easier it will be to take down.

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Are Single Hung Windows Good? Pros and Cons

Many people wonder, are single-hung windows good? And if you want to know the answer, keep reading.



Single-hung Windows VS Double-Hung

The following list is to answer the common question, are single-hung windows more efficient than other models? We will start with double-hung vs single-hung storm windows.

Both types are very alike. When it comes to design, they can look identical. Neither style is more durable than the other, so both of them offer high-quality results, as well as excellent glass.

A single-hung window only opens from the bottom, and this part of the window can move up and down without problems.

Simultaneously, a double-hung window can open from the top and bottom and it can also tilt down. Single-hung designs cost less, and they let you clean from the inside and outside, while the double-hung version offers improved ventilation over the other option.

Besides, double-hungs are easier to clean because they let you access the top and the bottom, and you can also tilt them down to clean them properly.

So, if you prefer taking your time to clean your home, then single-hung windows are the right choice. But if you don’t have enough time to clean, then you should consider the double-hung design.

Single-Hung VS Casement Windows

Both types are vertically oriented. Nevertheless, casement windows purely have one sash in their frame. Unlike a single-hung window, which slides in the jab, casement models have to be held in the frame by a set of hinges.

Another difference between both styles is that you can hinge casement windows from the left or right side of the window. On the other hand, single-hung windows have to be opened from the bottom.

Not only this, but casement windows are more energy-efficient, due to their design, so the amount of money you have to pay for electricity will reduce considerably.

Yet, they are a lot bigger than a single-hung window, so they will occupy more space. In the end, it all comes down to what you need. Determine if you have the room for a casement window or for a single-hung window.

Single-Hung VS Slider Windows

Lastly, we couldn’t forget about single-hung vs slider windows. First, single-hung windows are the right choice if you want modest results, due to the fact that they can only open from the bottom.

Sliding windows on the other side open from either side, providing you with more flexibility. Another aspect you need to consider about sliding windows is that they are more expensive.

You can’t forget about the aesthetic. Some homeowners prefer the simple design

Tips and Additional costs

With the help of the following tips and additional costs, you are going to have the full picture, and you won’t leave any detail behind.

Several practices will help you achieve energy efficiency windows.

The following principles are the minimum required to optimize the energy window burden on a home during the summer:

A single-hung window won’t protrude during operation, and you can install them along with a patio, or on a deck without having to worry about the structure coming out.

Single-hung windows are made with materials that can prevent the flow of heat. The insulation process is very important in any passive-designed home since it keeps the heat inside the home during winter and outside the house when the summer approaches.

Thanks to all the excellent characteristics that a single-hung window has, they are worth every penny, and you are going to start saving money due to the energy efficiency.

Many people perceive this as a flaw, but in reality, it’s the opposite. They can only open from the bottom, so it’s a lot easier to open and close them, and the risk of damaging the opening mechanism is low.

You can select diverse types of windows depending on what you want. Hence, you don’t have to settle for the most classic design.

They are ideal for modest rooms, and if you have several rooms that have limited space, then you can choose whether to install more of them or not.

There are plenty of designs out there, and if you don’t want to mess up your decoration, we suggest you take a look at single-hung window components to check if they adapt to the style of the room.

During the winter, new single-hung windows are going to help you keep the heat inside your house, and during the summer days, the heat will exit the house.

Luckily, you don’t need permits to replace a window if you are just going to switch it out for another.

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Replacing one window with another won’t take more than 60 minutes. The amount of time could vary according to the conditions of the walls and the structure.

If we are honest, there is no specific answer to this question. What you have to do is start considering how old your house is, the materials of the windows, and the actual condition of the walls.

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