Best Windows Replacement Company in Florida: Ultimate Buying Guide (2022)

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(Include vinyl & impact low-E glass windows installed simultaneously)

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Getting a window replacement is a very important decision for homeowners. No matter the type of window you need to get replaced, you need to choose the best window company to make sure you don’t need to substitute your windows so soon.

Window brands continue evolving, meaning they’re upgrading their catalogs to match the needs of future clients. That’s why finding the right impact glass company is extremely relevant.

You need to evaluate aspects such as designs, prices, energy efficiency, and more importantly, the quality of the windows. Here you’re going to find some of the top window replacement brands in Florida.

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Top 4 Window Replacement Brands in Florida

Our research led us to 4 window brands, and we selected them based on different parameters, such as quality, prices, styles, and durability. Here’s a full list of the top 4 window replacement brands in Florida.

1. Regency Windows

We start our list with Regency Windows. This brand is a leading supplier and manufacturer of aluminum windows and doors for both commercial and residential projects.

Their range of windows and energy-saving systems can be custom manufactured to your own requirements at their workshop in Thomastown. They’ve come a long way from their humble beginnings, and they’ve become a respected window brand worldwide.

Thanks to their hard work, Regency Windows has managed to obtain different sponsorships. Depending on what you need, you can select between their sliding windows, which are made of aluminum, and they’re the perfect alternative to replace heavier windows.

On top of that, their sliding windows can be used in residences and businesses, with minimal framing to view. If we talk about professional windows, then Regency Windows is the first name to come to mind and thanks to how good their bi-fold windows are, more and more people are looking to purchase these windows.

By selecting this window company, you’ll get what you desire in relation to renovating your home and providing extra security for you and your family during hurricane season. You’ll have a group of professionals working alongside you to ensure a peaceful process from start to finish.

2. ESWindows Glass Manufacturer

ESWindows are known for designing and manufacturing from windows to facades and architectural aluminum systems. Not only this, but this window glass company can additionally provide solutions to face the harshest conditions for Florida’s hurricanes and tropical storms.

We’re talking from windows and doors specifically designed to offer another layer of security for all families in South Florida. With them, you’ll get durable and efficient products capable of withstanding the stringent Miami-Dade County protocols.

They can offer luxury products for elegant homes built to meet exceptional standards. ESWindows offers different window collections, and the elite collection is one of the best ones out there.

With an elite window or door, you’ll obtain the ideal solution to blend comfort with a modern design. All of the elite windows are made with thick aluminum for superior thermal durability and resistance, and the windows are corrosion-resistant.

For residential projects, ESWindows has the perfect collection. It’s called Multimax and these windows and doors are affordable, and you don’t have to worry about the quality being compromised.

With these products, it’ll be easier to preserve the integrity of your home during hurricane season. Both the windows and doors are tested at a lab to ensure they match the Miami-Dade County protocols.

3. PGT Windows

Continuing with our list of which hurricane impact windows company is the best, you need to know more about PGT Windows. PGT’s primary goal is to design impact windows and doors with the capacity of resisting hurricanes and severe weather conditions.

This brand doesn’t merely build resistant windows. They’ve partnered with Florida officials to assist in the process of writing the country’s stringent code measures, and they hold the most Miami-Dade certification in the business.

That, along with an unmatched reputation for performance and quality, is why thousands of families choose PGT. Plus, PGT gives you the chance of customizing your future windows, meaning you can select the style, size, and color of the windows.

Whenever you express doubts about what this brand can give you, their dealers will be there to help you make the most rational decision. New custom windows and doors represent a tremendous investment, but when you don’t feel sure about one style or the other, PGT will guide you through the process.

Furthermore, besides obtaining more security for you and your family, PGT’s windows can reduce noise, so you won’t have to worry about the car noises outside your home whenever you want to relax.

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4. CGI Windows

Lastly, as the fourth best hurricane window company, we have CGI Windows. CGI builds impact-resistant windows for diverse types of houses and commercial properties.

They can provide a broad range of benefits to meet the needs of diverse projects, and they do it effortlessly with their high-quality aluminum and vinyl products. You can browse through their catalog based on what you need.

You can choose between single-hung windows or horizontal rolling windows. To make things easier for clients, CGI windows divides its windows into several collections, starting with sentinel.

Sentinel windows are aimed at professionals and homeowners who want a modern image for their homes as well as reliable hurricane protection. This company gives you the chance of registering your products to obtain a warranty.

Whether you need windows or doors, CGI Windows has you covered. For instance, they have a catalog of doors in which you can find sliding glass doors and even hurricane French doors.

As one of the best home window replacement company, CGI’s products meet the rigid Miami-Dade requirements and they comply with the most demanding large-missile standard.

To make sure everything works the way it should, these windows and doors are tested relentlessly to ensure resistance and durability. 

Based on what you require, you can decide which hurricane impact windows company is the most suitable for you and your residence.

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These windows may qualify for income tax credits, but only if they meet ENERGY STAR requirements for certification as energy-efficient windows.

High-impact windows can resist violent weather changes, and can hold up if they are struck by tough elements. They stay in their frames and remain in one piece.

You’ll be getting windows capable of resisting hurricanes, so the investment is worth the cost.

Yes, they can break. They are impact-resistant and not impact-proof.

While impact windows are valuable, they don’t increase the value of the house.

The amount of money you can save by having hurricane windows is strictly a matter of your insurance provider. But generally, you will save hundreds of dollars monthly.

Unfortunately, these windows are not capable of stopping bullets. However, you can invest in a bulletproof impact window.

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