Impact Hurricane Windows Replacement Cost Sarasota: Definitive Buying Guide (2022)

Average range: $1,300 - $1,600



Average Cost




(Include vinyl & impact resistant low-E glass windows installed simultaneously)

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Sarasota It is a significant city near 41.81 percent of its total surface area is covered with water (27.28 km2). 

It is vital to know that the cost of installing and replacing hurricane-resistant windows would be bigger. Hurricane windows provide house security not only during storms and weather events but also in the event of a property invasion. 

As a result, if you want to know how to raise the value of your house while also lowering your energy bill expenses, we give the ultimate advice on the cost of impact resistant windows in Sarasota.

In this guide

New Impact Window Replacement Average Cost

Impact windows are an excellent way to safeguard your home against hurricanes, break-ins, and severe winds. Window replacement in Sarasota costs an average of $2,106

Impact windows are the ideal alternative for replacing old, drafty windows in the home. Impact windows are beneficial for a variety of reasons, the most essential of which is their low cost.


Hurricane Window Installation Labor Cost

The average cost of a hurricane window installation is $1,000-$2,000. This includes the purchase and installation of two windows – with standard frames and glass. 

Hurricane Window Installation prices vary depending on the type of windows installed and the contractor that does the installation. The average cost of installing windows can be established by adding up the cost of materials and labor. 

Hurricane Window Installation Labor Cost

The average cost of installing hurricane windows is $1,000-$2,000. This includes the purchase and installation of two standard-frame and glass windows. 

The cost of Hurricane Window Installation varies depending on the type of windows used and the contractor that does the installation. Adding together the costs of supplies and labor yields the average cost of installing windows.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace All the Windows in a House in Sarasota?

The cost of Replacing windows in a house is influenced by a variety of factors. For example, the size and type of window will influence what kind of material is required for replacement. The cost of replacing windows is also affected by their location and condition. Some homeowners may opt to replace their windows with vinyl frames rather than wood or composite frames since they are less expensive.

People who need to replace the frames in their windows should be aware of the many different factors that can influence the price of replacement. Therefore, homeowners who need to replace the frames in their windows should be aware of these factors and discuss them with their contractor to help control the overall cost of replacement.

The cost to replace all the windows in a house in Sarasota can vary depending on the type of window that is being replaced.Changing out all the windows in a large home in a city like Sarasota can be done at a cost of $8,000-$12,000 if you purchase vinyl frames.

The cost of replacing all the windows in a Sarasota home varies based on the size of the home and which windows are replaced. The average prices to replace all impact windows, depending on the number of windows, are listed below.


Impact Windows Prices Sarasota By Style

Vinyl windows are the most often installed type of window. There will be an additional charge for bay windows, arched windows, circular windows, and huge windows. Replace rotten, damaged, or broken storm windows with new vinyl frames constructed with the most advanced energy-saving technologies. Following that is a list of custom-made possibilities for your home, ranging from single-hung impact windows to home hurricane impact windows. 

Single Hung Impact Windows Cost

The cost of Single Hung Windows Replacement in Sarasota might vary greatly depending on the company and the state. 

The cost is also determined by the size of the window, whether or not you want them installed, and whether or not any modification is required. Single-hung windows are a popular choice among homeowners since they provide numerous advantages. 

Single-hung windows are an economical choice for homeowners since they have a low-cost installation.


Double Hung Storm Window Replacement

A double hung storm window replacement typically costs between $475 and $2,050, including materials and labor. Because of its simply using, this is the homeowners’ preferred option. The bottom and top of the window move independently of one another.Windows with this style can be installed vertically on the wall or they can also be tilted outward to provide more accessibility 

The windows are installed so that the bottom of the window moves in and out, while the top is stationary.


Casement Storm Windows

The cost of replacying vinyl casement windows is average $3.69 per square foot, so the common price for a window is between $1,640 and $2,800. 

Awning Storm Windows

Generally used in enlongated places, In florida its usually cheaper than other window options, making it ideal for homes in need of extra air conditioning or less draught during the winter months.


Sliding Storm Windows

The price for a sliding hurricane window its between $845 – $1,850 depending on the large size and the location of installing. While choosing the sliding window for your room, you must also ensure that it is well built and durable.  The window’s track and hardware must be strong and well designed.


Home Hurricane Picture Windows

They provide an outstanding sight field and a unique light entrance, they are the sort of window that best fits homeowners budgets, being the most cost-effective and energy-efficient option. Because they are attached to the frame, restricting the flow of air and heat, they cannot be opened.


Impact Windows For Sale Sarasota By Frame Size

When estimating the average price of a window, the size of the window is the most important component to consider

The constant variation in window styles and sizes seems to be a response to the convenience of having products available on-demand.

It’s a well-known fact that the custom made windows is higher than standard size type ones ,Costing up to twenty times more. Custom made windows are installed only on very special occasions.


Impact Window Installation Cost By Track Style

To identify a contractor who installs hurricane windows, you must first know what kind of windows are essential to the structure of your home. That is why we invite you to read in detail about the window options classified by style in the list below.

Fixed Storm Windows

Fixed storm windows are designed to protect your home from storms and heavy winds. These windows have been installed for years and are proven to be effective at protecting homes from damage caused by strong winds. These windows cost around $100 to $300 on average. Storm windows are often referred to as fixed storm windows because they are not removable.

Two-Track Storm Window

A two-track storm window is a type of storm window that is designed to allow air flow while keeping out rainwater. A two-track storm window consists of two tracks that run parallel to each other. These tracks are separated by a small gap that allows air to pass through the window. Expect to pay between $100 and $350 for this storm window. 

Triple-Track Storm Window Cost

The cost of storm windows varies depending on what type of material they use. Vinyl windows are the cheapest option. These windows have three tracks that allow for ventilation, insulation, and lighting. They are great for homes where they do not want the cold air coming in, but still want some sunlight. They cost around $150 to $400 on average.

Two-Track Slider

This two track window enable to open the impact resistant glass panes sliding it from one side to another, making it the predilect option for those homeowners who wants to preserve a big amount of natural illumination. ideal choice for larger windows and spaces. Expect to pay around $150 to $400 for two-track slider storm windows. Double track slider windows have two tracks. They are designed to hold heavier loads than single track windows.

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How Much Impact Hurricane Window Glass Replacement Cost In Sarasota?

Depending on the size of the project, it can take anywhere from 1 hour to 2 weeks to replace your hurricane window glass. Hurricane window glass replacement costs vary depending on how many windows need to be replaced. However, if you have a lot of broken windows, it could cost you significantly more. The price of the glass varies based on the type of glass and where you live. If you live in Florida, then you should expect to pay around $300-400 for each window.

Lets find out the different types of window glass and its costs in Sarasota:


Florida Average Cost

Double Pane

A double pane glass window is a type of glass window that consists of two panes of glass separated by a space between them. These windows are commonly used in homes and businesses, and they are quite effective at blocking out noise and cold drafts. Double pane glass windows are much stronger than single pane windows and provide a higher level of security. You can also increase efficiency by using argon or krypton gas between the panes.


Triple Pane

This type of window is composed of three panes of glass separated by two air spaces. This design helps keep out unwanted noise and drafts while keeping in natural sunlight. It is commonly used in homes and businesses alike.

As you might expect, triple-glazed windows cost more than double-glazed windows. This is additional glass panes and a more complicated installation process, resulting in increased costs. Average estimates for triple-glazed window costs range from 10% to 15%. However, if you plan to stay at home long-term, the savings you can recoup over the life of the window may come at an additional cost.

The average cost for a replacement triple pane window installation is $1,950 per triple paned window plus labor  costs which can average around $38 per hour. 


Low-E (also known as low-emissivity) glass is an insulating coating applied to certain types of windows that reduces the amount of heat passing through them. Low-E coatings have been around since the late 1990’s, but they didn’t become popular until about 10 years ago.

While traditional low-e coated are designed for northern and cooler climates, some companies in Florida offer low-e coated for hot climates, which will help absorb some of the sun’s heat and prevent it from entering your home. 


Conservation Hurricane Glass

Conservation glass is a type of glass that is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is commonly used in hurricane-prone regions because it is able to withstand high winds and rain without breaking.

The cost of conservation hurricane glass ranges from $325 for small windows to $2,000 for large windows.

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Vinyl Hurricane Window Frame For Sale In Sarasota

Vinyl window frames are extremely durable and affordable. They are inexpensive to buy and install. You don’t have to worry about them breaking down over time. They are also easy to clean and maintain. If you want to make your home look great without spending a lot of money, vinyl windows are a great option.The most common window frame in Florida is vinyl.

Vinyl  frames are low maintenance and can be used with both standard and impact-resistant glass.The only drawback is that they cannot be painted, and some companies may have limited colors 

Vinyl window frames are available in many different styles. There are some that are decorative while others are functional. Decorative vinyl window frames add color and style to any room. Vinyl window replacement cost its around $750 – $1,200.

Best Impact Windows Brands Available In Sarasota 2022

Impact windows brands in Florida are companies that specialize in window replacement services. Offering a wide variety of products and designs at affordable prices. They provide customers with high quality service and products while maintaining competitive pricing.  

Read on below and see  where you can find the best impact window manufacturers in Florida.

Regency Window

Since 1985 Regency Windows has entered into the impact window market, assuring that clients can rest knowing they’re buying a product built to last.They are specialists in energy-saving systems that can be custom manufactured to clients’ unique specifications.

ESWindows Glass Manufacturer

They started working in 1984  as a manufacturer of homemade solar panels. Currently based in Miami. They proudly said in their website description that their products are designed to provide the best value and quality for our customers.

PGT Windows

It is listed as the number one company in the manufacture of impact resistant glass in the United States. They lead the industry with our unwavering focus on safety and innovation for 40 years by striving to meet our customers’ needs with better, more advanced products. They are continuously investing in research and development to discover new ways to make windows and doors that are stronger, safer, and smarter.

CGI Windows

CGI Windows is a proud member of the PGT Innovations family (PGT Windows) delivering advanced hurricane protection that meets Florida’s strict window-replacement regulations and Miami-Dade codes.

Since 1992, CGI Windows and Doors has been a leader in the impact window market, plus South Florida. 

PGT Window

PGT Windows

$800 - $2,1K

ESW Window

ESG Window

$900 - $3,7K

Regency Window

Regency Window

$750 - $2,7K

CGI Window

ESG Window

$850 - $3K

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9 Key Features To Estimate Impact Window Cost In Boca Ratón

The cost per square foot of an impact window system varies depending on the size of the window, the type of glass, and the installation method. A larger window may require more labor than a smaller window. Depending on the location of the window, it may need to be installed over concrete. If it’s mounted above the floor, it will need to be anchored down. 

The cost of installing a window will vary based on these factors and many others. Below is a list of keys that is very important to have on a count for knowing the average price for window replacement.

Working without a permit is illegal and can result in fines, causing problems when you want to sell your house. Only licensed contractors or homeowners may obtain a permit to perform the job.

Hurricane Window Permits are issued by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Emergency Management (DEMA). HWP’s are only valid if they have been specifically purchased for hurricane season use. There are two types of HWP’s; standard and extended. Standard are good for 60 days. You will need to provide proof of residency and pay $25.00 for each permit.

A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Most of the companies warranty policy covers only those manufacturing and material defects, as specified herein and does not include defects or damages attributable to faulty or improper installation. 

When looking for a contractor, make sure they are reputable and trustworthy. Ask friends and family members if they’ve had any experience with them before. Also, look online at their reviews. You want to find someone who’s been recommended by people you trust. There are plenty of window installers around, so only consider that have been in business at least five years. 

PACE is a long-term fixed-rate financing option. Instead of paying high monthly rates, homeowners finance their utility costs through a special assessment placed on their property tax bill. In exchange for making these payments, homeowners receive a credit on their property taxes equal to 100% of the cost of installing solar panels.

Energy efficient windows can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. They improve comfort, increase property value, and reduce utility bills.

For energy-efficient windows, you can expect between $300 and $1,000 for each. With this investment, you can expect to save 7% and 15% on the energy costs. 

An older measurement used to indicate ability to resist wind pressure is called design pressure rating. As a result, this grade, represented by a number, included three different factors: structural load, air infiltration, and water infiltration. The better the resistance to the benchmarks, the higher the number on the scale.

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale is a 1 to 5 rating based only on a hurricane’s maximum sustained wind speed and classifies hurricanes in the following format:

– Category 1: 74-95 mph

– Category 2: 96-110 mph

– Category 3: 111-129 mph

– Category 4: 130-156 mph

– Category 5: 157+ mph

The process of releasing a lien or loan against real estate is referred to as a lien release. After the lien has been released, the lien holder has the ability to foreclose on the property.

Homeowners who owe delinquent taxes on their property may be compelled to foreclose in several areas. If you don’t pay your property taxes, a lien is placed on your house for the amount owed. This implies that the state government may file a lawsuit against you to recover the unpaid debt.

The rubber seal around windows and doors known as weatherstripping prevents rain and chilly air from entering.Weatherstripping helps keep water from entering your home when you close a window or door. This stops the growth of mold and water damage.

Weatherstripping comes in two different varieties: flexible and rigid. The area between the frame and the glass is intended to have airflow, hence flexible weatherstripping is used. The gap between the door or window’s frame and the actual door or window is where rigid weatherstripping is specifically intended to fit.

Most impact windows and sliding doors come with screens included in the price; however, this is not always the case. Definitely its important to ask the contractor about screen including in the budget if its relevant for homeowner.  

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Nonetheless, impact windows are among the best investments in the home improvement industry. When listing their home, homeowners can expect to see an impact on the selling price of between 80% and the initial window installation cost.

Impact windows cost more than traditional ones, but they can very well be written off in significant and costly damage to your home. They are also more efficient, save on costs, and can help significantly increase home value and lower insurance costs.

Impact windows on a property generally increase in value because we are smack dab in the center of hurricane country. The best return on investment (ROI) from a hurricane impact window and door investment is determined by a few things.

If you are a homeowner or an investor who intends to keep the property for more than 5 or 10 years, I would advise you to obtain them because the investment would yield a significantly greater ROI.

Many window design experts agree that new quality windows should endure between 15 and 20 years before being replaced. Most vinyl window manufacturers offer a 20 to 25-year warranty, which is practically a lifetime warranty – the projected life of the product. 

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