Impact Hurricane Window Cost Lakeland, FL: Ultimate Buying Guide (2022)

Average range: $1,200 - $1,900



Average Cost




(Include vinyl & impact hurricane low-E glass windows installed simultaneously)

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Windows play a relevant role in every house’s design. But they are so much more than just glasses. They let you take a pleasant view of the outside, let in both fresh air and natural light, but most importantly, they can be resistant against hurricanes.

In today’s entry, we are going to talk to you about impact hurricane window cost Lakeland FL, and if you need start a window replacement project in your home, then this buying guide is what you need.

In this guide

New Impact Window Cost in Lakeland, FL

If you want to know the impact window cost to replace the old ones you have at home, then you can use this guide to reference. 

The average cost that homeowners have had to pay for a new impact hurricane windows in Lakeland, FL, is between $1,000 and $1,600 per window. But you need to keep in mind that the price includes:

Labor Costs to Replace Windows

When it comes to hurricane window prices, you have to include the labor costs to get your windows replaced. 

Next up we are going to show you the labor costs to replace an impact window in Florida depending on the quantity:

Number of Windows

Labor Cost Estimates

Hurricane Window Lakeland Installation Cost

In case you want to know about window installation services in Lakeland, you have to consider that many homeowners have to pay around $200 and $300 to get their windows installed.

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Impact Windows Lakeland Prices by Style

There are different styles of windows to choose from, and below you’ll find the most popular styles of windows in Florida, along with their installed prices for standard as well as their impact-resistant variations.

Single Hung Impact Windows Cost

Single hung windows replacement costs too depend on the size of the window. For instance, the prices are divided into:

What you need to consider is that overlapping costs could appear due to the frame and the glass, and their impact on the final cost.

Double Hung Storm Window Replacement

Besides single hung impact windows, you can find double hung impact windows. In this case, the windows will have an average cost of $1,900. To get a double hung window replacement you’ll have to pay around $1,600 to $2,100.

The double hung windows cost too depend on the size of the window:

Casement Storm Windows

Casement window replacement can cost around $900 to $1,800. Plus, if you get casement impact windows, you’ll have to pay from $1,300 to $2,200.

Awning Storm Windows

Awning windows provide more ventilation and protection from the rain, so they’re beyond useful.

The hurricane windows pricing for this type of window varies from:

Sliding Storm Windows

Sliding hurricane windows are among the favorite types of windows in Florida.

The cost for sliding window replacement is not that high, but it differs from regular window to impact windows.

If you want the average sliding window, you’ll have to spend from $350 to $750. Meanwhile, for the impact windows you’ll have to pay around $950 to $1,500.

Home Hurricane Picture Windows

Lastly, you can have a picture window replacement, which can cost you around $500 and $600.

Impact Window Lakeland Price List by Frame Size

The cost for hurricane windows can depend on various factors, and the frame size is one of them. For example:

Everything will depend on the frame size the company uses for the windows you want, as well as their prices.

  • Small $1,2K - $1,3K

    Average size of 28” wide and 44” long, with impact glass and made in vinyl

  • Average $1,3K - $1,6K

    Average frame size of 40” wide and 54” long

  • Large $1,6K - $1,9K

    48” in wide and 62” long

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Price for Window Replacement in Lakeland by Track Style

You can also divide impact window cost based on track style. The track has to keep everything in place. 

Regularly, panes slide along the track so that the windows can be opened, but some tracks are fixed in place to prevent the window from opening at all.

Next up we are going to present you the impact windows Lakeland FL costs by track style.

Impact Window Glass Replacement Pricing Lekaeland By Type Of Pane

Besides track style, you can determine the cost of a window glass replacement by the type of windows and the impact window glass colors. Let’s see the prices based on the type of the glass:

Vinyl Window for Sale in Lakeland FL

Vinyl is one of the most common materials to make windows with, and if you want to inform yourself about vinyl window replacement cost, you have to know that you’ll have to pay around $100 to $850.

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Impact Window Cost Estimator by Lakeland - Available Brands

Some of the best brand replacement windows offer a lot of styles you can choose from. Next up we are going to talk to you about different window brands you have to know about:

Regency Window

Regency Window is a worldwide leading supplier and manufacturer of aluminum windows and doors. They offer both residential and commercial products across Australia and have become the leading Australian window manufacturer.

If you haven’t had luck finding the right type of window for you, this company is the perfect one, and you can ask Regency Window to get you the right window. 

ESWindows Glass Manufacturer

ESWindows is a member of Tecnoglass Inc. a leading manufacturer of architectural windows and glass. They offer an extensive catalog of products such as curtain walls and window walls, and their prices are affordable.

You can select various types of windows for your house and business, and depending on what you want, ESWindows will provide you with the best windows.

PGT Windows

PGT can build more than just impact windows. They have partnered with Florida officials to help write the stringent code requirements. They also hold the most Miami-Dade certifications in the business.

That mixed with their unmatched reputation for improved results, performance and service, is the reason why millions of families decide to rely on PGT.

Their vinyl and aluminum products can protect residences and businesses from hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions.

CGI Windows

Lastly, we are going to talk to you about CGI Windows, a brand that designs impact hurricane windows for anyone who lacks them. Whether you choose aluminum or non-impact windows, their products exude flexibility and resistance, all while meeting your budget.

Many of their impact windows meet the Miami-Dade requirements and comply with the most rigorous large missile standard. You will have resistance and elegance at the same time, so you’ll obtain the full package.

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9 Key Features to Estimate Impact Window Cost In Lakeland

To determine the price for window replacement in Lakeland, you have to know about which features can impact the final cost of the windows: 

The best way to pick the right impact windows is to consider the choices you have. Which company offers what you need? By asking yourself this, you’ll be capable to run out the brands you don’t like, and you’ll choose the right one

Once you know which window brand is the appropriate one, start looking through the designs they offer. When you figure it out, then you can proceed to purchase the windows.

Not many people know about this, but impact windows have to present the U-factor, which can measure the rate of heat transfer and it can inform you how well the window insulates.

Depending on the final size of the window, the cost could increase. The bigger the window, the more effort professionals will have to put in to install it, which means more money.

Do you require professional glasses for your window? Of course you can have them, but to do so you’ll have to spend more money, or if you want simpler glasses, you’ll save some dollars.

The Florida Building Code demands building permits for installing and replacing windows and sliding glass doors. Since you’re going to need to get these permits, you’ll need to pay more.

Before hiring the window company, you need to make sure they offer you warranties. That way, you can be certain that the windows won’t start damaging so soon.

And if this happens, by having warranties, you make sure the company is going to return to re-service and repair the issues.  

A window contractor is a company or firm that is registered with the BCA Contractors, meaning they are a serious company, in which case you can be certain that they are going to be reliable, but their prices could be elevated.

As every other product, windows require maintenance from time-to-time. However, the more maintenance the windows need, the less reliable the company is going to be.  

Impact windows are supposed to resist hurricanes, so they can last a lot of time, but if you notice that your impact windows start to peel off or you see that the structure is not still, then you’ll have to invest more money.

Did you know that there’s an impact Window Financing Program Florida? Well, this program provides financing for all your energy-efficient windows and door projects and so much more.

With the help of this program, you can get your impact-resistant windows on time. One of the best aspects of the program is that once they install impact doors or windows, there’s nothing else you need to do.

As for the window replacement energy efficiency costs, they are divided into different types of windows, which are:

Depending on the rating of the window, you’ll have to pay a lot more. For example, a category one window presents from 74 to 95 mph, while a category 5 has more than 157 mph. 

In this case, the difference when it comes to the price, could be exponential, and you could pay more than $400 for a different category.

It’s a lien that you have to pay to a government entity. If you want to keep it out of your finance charge, you can include it in your disclosures given to you at closing.

There’s no way to determine the actual cost of a lien release, but you have to include it in your budget.

In case you want to hire a weatherstripping service, then you’ll have to pay around $50 to $70 per window depending on the type of window you want.

To have energy efficient windows, you can’t forget about the screens. You’ll have to pay around $300.

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Currently, Florida has a building code that states that you have to install either impact-resistant windows or some kind of window protection within one mile of the coast where the wind speed is higher than 100 mph. 

Existing properties near the area are encouraged to update their windows appropriately.

If you live in Lakeland FL, you’ll need to apply for permits to get your window project. You can apply for the permit at the local municipality.

To select the best type of window in Lakeland, you need to choose it according to the place you live in. The window has to serve your house’s needs.

Vinyl windows are excellent no matter the area of the country you live in. But if you live in Florida, then you have to know that given that the state is one of the most attacked ones by hurricanes, the window manufacturers have to work harder to provide tougher windows.

A window warranty can range from 20 years to as long as you live in your home. Yet, since the impact windows will have to face different hurricanes, they could last less.

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