Sliding Windows Replacement Cost Florida: Ultimate Buying Guide (2022)

Average range: $950 - $1,500



Average Cost




(Include vinyl & sliding low-E glass windows installed simultaneously)

FIn the Best Sliding Window Replacement in Florida

The sliding windows replacement are comfortable, functional, and good looking for every house. Here it is everything you need to know about sliding windows, its replace and installation.

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What Are Sliding Windows?

Sliding windows is the name given to any windows that open horizontally by sliding on is frame. It’s one of the simplest designs of window, esthetic, easy to install, and maintain. 

There are some things we have to think about, for example, how much are sliding windows? 

The answer to this question depends on the brand, size, and other factors. But in Florida, the cost of sliding windows is around $950 to $1,500

Replacing sliding windows is actually a lot more expensive, as it requires extra work. Keep reading important details so you have a better idea on the pricing in your case.


New Home Sliding Window Cost in Florida

For new homes the price is considerably low, as installing the window is the only job required. Price might rise if depending the position and work the window requires to be placed.

Cost for Sliding Window Replacement

Cost for window replacement tends to be higher, depending on the parts of the window damaged. There are many types of glass, which is a huge factor of the window cost. And don’t forget the frame; this can be expensive or cheap depending on the material. 

Sliding Windows Installation Average Cost

We’ll go through all factors that influence on the price of a window further on this post. However, we can use the size of the window to get an overall idea of the price.

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Replace VS Sliding Window New Installation

What is better depends on the particular damage that your window is suffering. It also depends on the type of sliding window you want to replace or install.

If the window sash or the glass is what requires replacement, you sure should replace it. As all you need to do is to buy the new glass or the sash completely, and install it, which is easy.

But if the frame is what you have trouble with, you definitely should install a new window. Sometimes, you just need to call for maintenance for the frame.

Vinyl Sliding Window Replacement Cost Floridas

The cost for vinyl window replacement is around 400USD to 800USD with all included. This prices includes the cost for the installation handwork.

Sliding Windows Price by Type

Now, there are many types of windows, so they require different works and have different prices. These are the most common window types and their prices, the include cost for labor.

Single Sliding Window Cost

One off the most basic, small frame with a basic glass would be around $950 to $1,500. Taking into account that standard size of these windows is 48 x 48 inches. 

Double Sliding Window Cost

Windows with a double panel are more expensive, but bigger, and offer a better view. The price rises to a minimum of $1,000 to $1,300, as you need to buy the double of materials. The main difference is that you can slide both of the panels, and not just one.

Triple Sliding Window Cost

The best for a part of your house where you want a great panel to look out and relax. The cost goes around $1,200 to $1,400 as it is one of the biggest panels and frames needed. 

Also, as it has big glass panels, usually it is recommendable to use better materials for the glass.

Sliding Windows with Grids

It’s an interesting option, as it will lower the price significantly. As the panes of the window will be smaller and lighter. However, this also increases the material needed to make the frame, be sure to consult the experts.

Home Sliding Windows Prices by Frame Size

There are models with 36 inches, 48 inches, 60-inches, 72-inches and 84-inches. These are the sliding windows standard sizes that you can buy pre-built.

If you need a special size, you will need to consult with experts. Approximated prices for the standard sizes could be 400USD, 600USD, 800USD, 1200USD 1500USD, and 2000USD respectively.

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Framed vs Frameless Sliding Windows

Both are good options, but they have different assets. Frameless windows offer better view, as there is no frame blocking natural light. Esthetically, put in the right place they are way more beautiful than framed windows. 

However, framed windows are fairly easier to maintain. They also allow you to choose the type of glass, and design of the window. 

Both are excellent choices, and they are similar in price, it comes down to your preferences. 

Grooved Glass Replacement Cost for Sliding Windows

Grooved glass means that the glass pane of the window comes with a design. Cost of glass for window replacement depends on the particular design and the size of the pane you need. The prices shown are only for the materials; labor could take 40USD or 80 USD. 

A window pane costs around 10USD to 50 USD for standard designs and small to medium size. Panes for a big sliding window could cost 120USD to 250USD as very expensive.

This is a list of the standard windows grooved glass panes and its prices:

Sliding Window Glass Replacement Cost by Types of Pane

The type of pane influences the cost of glass replacement for home windows. They have different designs, and accomplish different functions. 

Knowing the type panes is important before you buy, as you can choose what suits you best. As it has a great influence on the price, and final quality of the product.

Double Pane

Double pane glass is also known as insulated glass, very common in residential areas. It consists of two panes of glass separated by a space full of air, which provides insulation. 

The average cost is calculated in the range of 950USD to 1,500USD for big windows. Of course, these windows have certain luxury, the most basic ones cost 950USD. 


Tempered glass is one of the strongest types of glass you can choose for our windows. It’s treated in a way that makes it very resistant, and it is also thick. 

The price of windows made of tempered glass is around 12USD to 16USD per square foot. 


Laminated glass windows are even more resistant than the tempered glass windows. They are commonly used in skyscrapers, and tall buildings. 

They block the sound of the exterior and can resist impacts from stones and golf balls. A simple laminated glass window could cost from 850USD to 1,300USD


Excellent if you want natural light in your home, low-e is exactly what you need. Low-e glass blockades the heat that comes through your glass, without minimizing the light that passes through your window.

This means you will still have the natural light inside the house, but you won’t feel the heat. However, Low-e is considerably more expensive than regular glass. 


The same as double pane windows, but with the spacer filled with argon to insulate even more the room. Argon filled glass also prevents the heat from outside come through the window. 

However, these types of windows are very expensive, big windows could cost a fortune.

Triple Pane

Triple pane windows are windows with three lairs of glass in the window. This is a lot more secure, as it filters a little bit the heat from outside and the lighting. 

But, triple pane windows are also expensive, they cost 1500USD on average. As it is a very specialized kind of window, the labor cost is high. 

Conservation Hurricane Glass

Hurricane glass is meant to endure extreme climatic conditions way better than regular glass. As its name points out, it is a lot more secure and resistant than other glasses. 

Depending on its design, the price of hurricane glass ranged between 50USD to 100USD per square foot. The installation of one of these windows is 8000USD in average, as it is high quality. 

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Sliding Windows Replacement Price List by Home Location

The location of the window is also influenced by the location of the window. Maybe a type of glass is more suitable for one part of the house than another. 

Also, consider the particular work that it would require to put the window in a certain part of the house. As you need to make a hole in the wall, and consider how this affects the structure in general. 

Here it is a list of the prices depending on the certain areas you could need a window.

Sliding Windows for Porch

Normally, the windows for porches are medium size and screened-in to let the lighting in. The idea of these is to provide a quiet space for relaxation or reading.

Big windows are suited best for this kind of spaces, and a type of glass that blockades heat. The cost is around $1,100 to $1,300 with labor cost included. 

Sliding Windows for Kitchen

For the kitchen, it is usually enough with a single sliding window medium or small size. Its function is mainly to allow some natural light in the kitchen, but not too much. Kitchen windows also help with the ventilation of the house.  

Sliding Windows for Living Room

The living room needs a wide window that allows lots of natural light in, and a non-interrupted view. The usually cost more than $1,500 as it usually it is a big window that offers excellent views.

Top 4 Sliding Windows Manufacturers Brand in Florida

Finding the best manufacturers who makes sliding windows in Florida might not be easy. Here we provide you a list with 4 of the best brands you can choose. 

This can help you get a clear idea of the best brand for window replacement

Regency Window

Regency Window specializes in functional and good-looking modern designs. They can make your windows, doors and any work involving glass. 

ESWindows Glass Manufacturer

A high capacity glass manufacturer specialized in big commercial or residential projects. They offer high-quality materials to resists the relentless winds of the South of Florida.

PGT Windows

This manufacturer excels at high resistance glasses to create safe environments. These are glasses that don’t break when struck violently. 

If you want a glass pane for an area with kids, or high structures, this might be the best for you.

CGI Windows

They can offer you esthetic impact resistant glasses as well. CGI Windows promises quality material at affordable costs, depending on the kind of job you want.

CGI Windows high resistant glasses are even tested with real cannons!

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Sliding Storm Window Price List in Florida by City

Sliding storm windows are great options to keep the heat controlled with low budget. This is a very popular method to control temperature in North America, rather than the double or triple pane windows.

Here is a list of the prices for sliding storm windows in Florida by city. These prices include cost of material, labor and supplies. 

Impact Windows Tampa

These windows are built of sturdy materials that can survive Tampa’s regular storms and are precisely designed and masterfully crafted by experts, to give you cost-saving energy efficiency, superior safety and security, increased comfort, and spectacular beauty.
Looking for a company that does this service in Tampa is the first step. Installing these windows can cost from $800 to $2000

Fort Myers Storm Window Price

Living in a beautiful place like this is nice, but we might need some measures in case of storms or hurricanes.

While most homeowners protect themselves with special shutters, in these circumstances, is not a bad idea to have storm windows in Fort Myers.

They are a beneficial addition to your house, in case of an emergency.

Awning Storm Window Lakeland

Awning storm windows are an excellent choice for houses in wet and windy climates, such as those found in Lakeland, Florida.
They provide greater flexibility and security when it comes to opening your home for airflow, regardless of the weather.
Getting these special windows can cost you about $900 and $2700, depending on lots of factors.

Hurricane Windows St Petersburg FL

Storms can be annoying if we don’t have appropriate measures for them. Having storm windows at home can help us avoid a lot of problems.
That’s why it is important to acquire a storm home window installation service in St. Petersburg.
Depending on the company, you can find these services for $700 onwards per window. Storm windows are installed in the same frame as standard windows.

Hurricane Windows Sarasota

Always keep in mind the services available in Sarasota County for awning storm windows installation or repair.
They provide a variety of benefits to city inhabitants during hurricane season, whether you require hurricane protection, energy savings, or home security.

Windows with these characteristics can be worth around $850 and $2000.

Hurricane Windows Boca Raton

When it comes to the foundation of your home in Boca Raton, hurricane impact windows are quite important.

Because Boca Raton is in a hurricane-prone location, it is critical to ensure that your house and family are adequately secured. 

This is why having an impact window company you can trust in Boca de Raton is crucial.

Storm Windows Fort Lauderdale

The weather in Fort Lauderdale is harsh on residential constructions, and the first line of defense is the windows.
Getting storm-resistant windows usually costs $2,5K, but it could be less pricey or even more, it all depends on certain aspects.

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8 Key Features to Estimate Cost for Sliding Windows Replacement

The price for window replacement varies depending on the damage that your window suffered. 

Most of the times, it’s only a matter of maintenance or cleaning for a sliding window. However, if a part of the frame is broken the process is totally different, as well as the cost. 

Using glasses that avert the heat from outside is better for saving energy, which saves money. However, this type of glass is expensive, if it gets broken and needs replacement; it won’t be cheap. 

Sliding windows and screens are a great way to save energy and keep the temperature of the house. However, replacing these represents extra investment, although it is not too much. 

Some companies offer warranties depending on the kind of damage that suffered your window. If this is the case, they could repair it for free, or at least, lower the cost for you. 

The PACE windows replacement financing program is something that allows you financing to fix your windows. It has lower interest rate than regular loaners, and offer great benefits. Make sure to look for PACE financing programs for windows. 

If you have an obsolete sliding window, it could require full replacement of the piece. But depending on the conditions of this, the cost rises as the labor is more. 

Of course, if you have solar reflective films you need to run the costs of the new films. These can’t be used again, so you need to buy new films for new windows. 

The grill work is important, as it increases the strength of the window. However, if you have a custom grill work in your window, the cost for reparation rises. The reason being it requires an special process to repair.

The most common reason why people need window replacement. It’s possible that you don’t even need to replace the window, just to perform maintenance. In these cases, the price is fairly accessible, depending of the zone you live in.

Sliding Windows Pros and Cons

As we stated before, sliding windows are excellent option in many cases. But here you have the sliding windows advantages and disadvantages to consider



Sliding Windows VS Casement

Casement or crank windows are usually used for spaces that are taller than wider. As in case of sliding windows they are better in wide spaces, where they offer good views. 

The functions are similar, but casement windows allow more air in, as they open completely. Sliding windows will always leave have of the space closed, so it doesn’t allow as much air in. 

Sliding Windows VS Double Hung

Double hung windows count with a very secure design, and it is easier to maintain and clean. However, double hung windows require a lot more cleaning than a regular window. 

A sliding window is larger, allows great amount of natural light, and provides excellent views. But sliding windows usually require professional maintenance services and are more expensive.  

Sliding Windows VS Single Hung

Single hung windows are compatible with practically any design of house. They are also cheap and popular, excellent option. However, the bottom sill collects a lot of dirt, and it doesn’t offer great ventilation or view. 

Sliding windows improve practically all these factors, but they are far more expensive. 

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Sliding windows are best when you want to enjoy good views, they excel in natural environments. If you prioritize view over air flow, sliding windows are the perfect option.

Completely, if you use a resistant type of glass, is best for security reasons. Normally, if the window breaks, the glass doesn’t shatter and flies dangerously, but it simply cracks.

Standard sizes of sliding windows are 36×36 inches, 48×48 inches, 60×60 inches, 72×72 inches and 84×84 inches. You can choose the one you prefer, the bigger the more expensive though. 

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