Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows Cost Fort Myers: Definitive Buying Guide (2022)

Average range: $1,400 - $1,800



Average Cost




(Include vinyl & impact resistant low-E glass windows installed simultaneously)

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Windows play an important role in the looks, security and architecture of your house. It’s incredible how complicated could be to choose the right window. 

If  you want get the absolute best Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows Fort Myersin this guide will teach you how to pick the perfect windows for your houseKnow everything about the price, and the product you will receive before buying it. 

In this guide

Hurricane Proof Windows Replacement Cost In Fort Myers

The impact window cost in Fort Myers varies depending on many factors. Like the size of the Window, whether you require installation, frame, type of pane and more.

Hurricane impact windows can cost from $1,400 to $1,800. We recommend you learn specifically what the window you require is. 

Cost For New Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows Fort Myers

Normally, replacement cost less than the installation, as many parts of the job are already done. The prices could go from $1,400 to $1,800 if you will repair, and also depending on the damage. In some cases, a full reinstallation will be needed though.

Hurricane Window Installation Labor Cost

Trained professionals will cash out 40$ to 65$ per hour of their labor work. This price is usually included in the cost of the window installation.

You can find other people to get the job done for less money, but these are usually not professionals. We highly recommend you hire this service from a company with the indicated professionals.

Cost To Replace All Windows in a House Fort Myers

The amount of windows is the principal information we have to work with. These are the price for window replacement following the number of windows that need service:

The window replacement for a house can vary these costs depending on the type of window and specific labor.

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Hurricane Impact Windows Cost Fort Myers by Style

Hurricane impact windows are some of the most expensive windows, but they also provide great safety for your house. 

Depending on the style, the window could need more or fewer materials and labor, changing the price:

Impact Windows Prices by Frame Size

One of the most important factors to calculate the price of a window is the size of the pane.

Most glass panes for windows are standard sizes unless you want a personalized size, which is more expensive. 

Here you will find a guide on Impact windows cost per square foot:

  • Small $1,4K - $1,5K

    Average size of 28” wide and 44” long, with impact glass and made in vinyl

  • Average $1,5K - $1,6K

    Average frame size of 40” wide and 54” long

  • Large $1,7K - $1,8K

    48” in wide and 62” long

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Impact Resistant Windows Cost in Fort Lauderdale by Track Style

The track style affects the energy efficiency of the window, and also the flow of air. There are some kinds of windows with different tracks, which filter what passes through the window.

This also determines the way the window is opened, and of course, the price varies.

Fixed Storm Windows

Fixed storm windows are the windows that can’t open, so they are easy to maintain and install. 

These windows are simply a pane of glass that can’t open and only provides a good view of the house.

The price for these windows is between 1,400$ and $1,500, including all costs.

Two-Track Storm Window

A two-track window consists of a fixed glass pane and a screen for ventilation, and another glass pane that you can move. 

This provides an easy mechanism to open, but you can’t open the entire space of the window.

These windows’ prices with the hurricane glass can cost you between 1,400$ and 1,600$.

Triple-Track Storm Window Cost

The triple-track window has three different tracks with two panes of glass between them and one screen. 

Both the panes can slide up or down to set up the window the way you want to.

The price for this is around $1,500 and $1,700covering materials, labor cost, and others.

Two-Track Slider

The two-track slider windows have a similar price to the triple-track windows, expect to pay between $1,600 and $1,800.

Two-track slider windows have two tracks that you can move with a glass pane on each.

This allows you to open the window the way you want to, and it also provides great ventilation.

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High Impact Glass Window Replacement Average Cost

There are many different types of glass, they accomplish different objectives. Some of them are energy efficient, while others don’t offer more comfort for a lower price.

This is a guide on glass replacement for home windows cost, which will help you decide which is the best glass for you.

Double Pane

Doubled-pane windows consist of two panes of the window with a gap in the middle that is filled with a chemical. This chemical prevents the heat from outside to enter the house and is energy efficient.

It’s especially useful in the summer if you don’t want your house to be a human oven. The price for these windows is between $850 and $1,500, being one of the cheapest and most common.

Triple Pane

The triple pane windows are essentially the same as double pane windows, but with three glass panes and two gaps. This provides even better protection to the house, and it also keeps the temperature inside.

Triple pane windows can cost $1,300 to $1,700, virtually the same as double pane, but a little more for the extra materials needed.


Low-e glass stands for low emissivity, it is a highly energy efficient material. It is designed to protect from the heat and UV light from outside the user.

The price for this glass is similar, 150$ to 400$, but it is a lot easier to maintain.

Conservation Hurricane Glass

Conservation hurricane glass is a specially treated type of glass designed to reject the heat from the sun. That’s how conservation glass can keep the temperature inside your house, despite being a lot hotter outside.

It’s a great energy saver that will reduce your energy bills considerably. A window with this material will cost you between $1,200 to $1,700 maximum, one of the best options to pick.

Vinyl Impact Windows Replacement Price Fort Myers

You can find vinyl windows for sale anywhere, considering that vinyl is the most common and efficient material used.

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Best Hurricane Impact Windows Brands In Fort Myers

Remember it is always best to go with professional companies, to ensure a well-done job. This is why we will provide you with 4 of the best brand of replacement windows that you can choose:

Regency Window

Regency Windows is an excellent supplier and manufacturer, especially aluminum windows. They are experts in achieving modern and great-looking designs for affordable prices.

A great choice to install windows at home, and even if you need residential plans. Check out  our Regency Window’s buying guide to see some of their amazing work.

ESWindows Glass Manufacturer

This is one of the leading windows professional companies in the country, offering the service all across it. They excel in their great customer support and efficiency, and a high-quality job is assured.

You can check our ESWindows’ buying guide, where you can get a free quote from their experts.

PGT Windows

The PGT windows cost is one of the lowest, offering top-quality materials and great customer service. They are the number 1 glass manufacturer in the country, and they offer a very nice 0% tax sale for purchases

You can check our PGT windows buying guide here, so you can see some of their best works. It’s one of the most interesting choices to go for, over a million clients all over the U.S approve this service.

CGI Windows

The special thing about this manufacturer is, that they offer ridiculously good prices for their materials. And they only use high-quality materials, as this company is specialized in a resistant glass of all kinds.

They even shoot a human cannon to their glass to test it (yes, really), you can check our CGI Windows Buying Guide. 

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8 Key Features to Estimate Impact Window Cost In Myers

If you are not an expert, it is very difficult to know the price for a impact window installation by yourself. However, there are some important aspects we should know to calculate the price for window replacement.

Knowing these 9 features will help you make a better choice, and get a good idea of the price for the window.

Working with windows, shelves, or any significant structural change to property without a permit is illegal. Depending on which part of Florida you live in the price is different.

You have to go to the city hall and request a permit, take into account that this can take a little bit of time. When the permit is ready, go to the city hall, pick it up, and now you can install windows.

Hurricane glass is considerably expensive, and accidents can be very expensive. Even if the price goes up a bit, we highly recommend you buy the product with a warranty.

The best impact window warranty is the one that is up for a year or more. You can get this kind of warranty from great companies, for example, the recommended before. 

Always look for certified professionals to get the job done, not others. Some cheap contractors usually have better prices because they are not certified.

You should avoid these contractors at all costs; one mistake in this job and everything could fall over.

You can find the impact window financing program in Florida, they will help you buy and install your window. As a security program, they finance the people so they can install impact windows.

You should look for any of these organizations near your location and learn how you can be part of it.

Energy-efficient windows are a little more expensive than regular windows, but they are worth the money. Just think about the money you are saving in energy bills, and the selling price of the house also goes up.

Window replacement for energy efficiency is one of the best decisions you can make in the long term.


The weatherstripping windows are specially done so they don’t allow the moisture from the rain in. The same happens in winter having the snow; the moisture and annoying snow in the window frame won’t penetrate.

The weatherstripping windows are specially done so they don’t allow the moisture from the rain in. The same happens in winter having the snow; the moisture and annoying snow in the window frame won’t penetrate.  

The screens are extra lairs added to the windows; they don’t allow any bugs or insects inside the house. Especially useful in rainy stations, when the rain makes that the number of bugs increases.

These can help you keep these annoying insects inside the house, it’s practically necessary to have one.

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Hurricanes and storms are a reality in Florida, the price for security is never too high. And also, impact windows increase a lot the selling price of your house, so you practically never lose money.

Definitely yes, the price doesn’t go too high either, and it is an investment you can get back when you sell the house.

Yes, the price of the house goes up 80% to 90% of the investment you made in the windows.

Impact windows are supposed to endure many years up with the correct maintenance also depends on the type of window. But windows should last at least 20 years, more than enough for first-time buy

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