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Bow Windows
If you are looking for a single home improvement project that can help you accomplish many goals, consider an installation of bow indows! Their unique shape allows you to enjoy additional space for seating or storage inside, while their sleek design transforms the exterior appearance of your house. If you want to make sure you get beautiful results with your window replacement, you should sit back and relax while the window installers  take care of everything!
Vinyl Windows
If you’re planning to replace the windows of your Wisconsin & Iowa home, you deserve products that not only look beautiful but also perform well under the local climate conditions. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic, subtle, modern, or classic window installation, we’ll help you choose the right frame and glass package for your family’s needs.
Bay Windows
If you really want to enhance your curb appeal and wow guests when they enter your home, there’s no better choice than bay windows. With multiple panes that can be configured in a variety of ways, this window style is perfect for opening up any room of your home to receive plenty of sunlight and fresh air
Casement Windows
If you’re looking for a window style that offers incredible versatility, look no further. With casement windows, you have a lot of control as far as the direction they can open, the method you can use to open them, and where in your home they can be installed. All of these options make them the perfect solution for a variety of rooms.
Double Hung Windows
If you’re searching for high quality double hung windows, put your project in trusted hands! Our family-owned business has been helping families just like yours since 1998, and our selection of double hung windows is among the best. From energy efficiency to aesthetics to long-term value, our exceptional replacement windows will enhance your home inside and out.
Sliding Windows
Sliding windows are an option that has steadily gained popularity as more homeowners have discovered the benefits of this versatile style. We offer sliding windows that check every box for great looks, affordability, and impressive performance.
Picture Windows
The winters in Wisconsin & Iowa are enough to keep you cooped up in your house for weeks. If you want to still be able to enjoy the outdoors and sunlight from the comfort of your warm, cozy home, the professionals  have the ideal solution for you—picture windows! Our superior products and services allow our valued customers to soak up panoramic views of the great outdoors all year long, so we are confident that we can easily help you brighten your home with one of our elegant picture windows
Energy Efficient Windows
Did you know that your home’s windows can be a source of significant energy loss? In fact, the U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that poorly-fitting windows and doors are responsible for up to one-third of the average home’s heat loss! If you have outdated or poorly installed windows, they could be costing you hundreds of extra dollars each year on wasted heating and cooling. Instead of standing by while your precious household budget floats out the window.
Garden Windows
The winters can be long in Wisconsin and Illinois, and everyone craves greenery, flowers, and the fresh breezes of nature when the snow is endlessly falling. With garden windows in your home, you can get the beauty and benefits of nature all year long. We offer top-rated products that stand up to the region’s extreme climate
Awning Windows
When it’s time for replacement windows, We offer many options that will add style and functionality to your home. One popular choice is our awning windows. These windows have been used for centuries, and they are enjoying renewed popularity as more and more homeowners discover the style’s many benefits.
Triple Pane Windows
Triple Panel Replacement Windows  are the epitome of energy efficiency, sound reduction, and condensation resistance. These high-performance windows are made with three panes of glass rather than just two for maximum benefit. These Triple Pane Replacement Windows utilize industry-leading technology and are carefully manufactured so you can enjoy the many advantages of this amazing product.
Horizontal Sliding Windows
Wouldn’t you love to have a clear and scenic view from your windows? Sliding replacement windows  will give you just that, thanks to their maximum glass exposure. Our Sliding windows will also add value to your home! Sliding windows are generally wider than they are tall. As you can probably tell from the name, they open and close with a horizontal sliding motion. Many cities provide the option of an interior simulated wood finish, as well as an exterior Polymer color finish.
Basement Hopper Windows
They are bottom hinged and open inwards for ventilation with the sleek design you desire. Basement windows are the perfect way to enhance your curdepb appeal.
Insulated Glass Window Replacement
If you live in Florida, you know that hurricanes aren’t just a threat; they’re something you have to be prepared for—year-in and year-out. However, there is good news! You don’t have to source hurricane protection products and prepare for storms all by yourself. For premium hurricane protection and energy-efficient windows, it’s always a good idea to work with the pros, that’s why we offer you durable impact windows and reliably secure storm doors.
Hurricane-Ready Impact Windows
We install some of the most trusted impact windows in the country, made by recognized brands like PGT and Custom Window Solutions (CWS). In fact, we’ve partnered with CWS to create the Energy StormSaver Window—the industry’s best vinyl windows for high-impact, extreme-weather situations.
Single Hung
If you’re looking for reputable and reliable single-hung window installers in Texas, consider the award-winning services offered by Statewide Remodeling. For over two decades, our professionals have been crafting high-quality windows for homes of all shapes and sizes. Our single-hung windows, which slide open from the bottom, come with easy-to-use sashes for maximum efficiency and airflow. For Texas single-hung window replacement that delivers beauty, durability, and comfort, look no further than Statewide Remodeling.

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