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Windows Depot USA of Lower New York is your locally owned and operated source for energy efficient replacement windows. They also supply and install roofing, siding, entry doors, storm doors, and all phases of construction. Their national buying power makes them able to offer these products to you at incredible prices! Serving the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, as well as Suffolk and Nassau counties, Window Depot USA of Lower NY is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau.





Triple Pane Windows
Triple Panel Replacement Windows from Windows Depot USA are the epitome of energy efficiency, sound reduction, and condensation resistance. These high-performance windows are made with three panes of glass rather than just two for maximum benefit. These Triple Pane Replacement Windows utilize industry-leading technology and are carefully manufactured so you can enjoy the many advantages of this amazing product.
Double Hung Windows
Are you looking for a classic window that’s as efficient as it is beautiful? Introducing the Double Hung Replacement Window. There are many reasons why homeowners often choose these Double Hung Windows, they are energy efficient, they have a timeless and versatile design and their unmatched value, just to mention a few.
Double Hung windows feature two operable sashes; one on the top and one on the bottom. It is generally taller than it is wide. The sashes move vertically, allowing the window to easily slide open. Furthermore, Double Hung windows offer a tilt-in mechanism for easy cleaning. There are endless design and style options to match the beauty of your home. You can also choose the color of your vinyl, the grid style, and even an interior simulated wood finish.

Casement Windows
Casement windows are typically tall and narrow, hinged at the side, and open outward just like a door to 90 degrees. They open further than any other window and use a hand-crank mechanism to operate. Casement windows are perfect for ventilation. They are extremely stylish and versatile. Casement Windows are great alone, or you can build them into a Bow or Bay window. Window Depot USA of Lower NY’s Casement Windows are superbly engineered with 1-inch insulated glass units, feature a superior bulb-style seal for airtight performance, and it all comes together with an aesthetically-pleasing beveled sash design.

Horizontal Sliding Windows
Wouldn’t you love to have a clear and scenic view from your windows? Sliding replacement windows from Window Depot USA will give you just that, thanks to their maximum glass exposure. Our Sliding windows will also add value to your home! Sliding windows are generally wider than they are tall. As you can probably tell from the name, they open and close with a horizontal sliding motion. Many cities provide the option of an interior simulated wood finish, as well as an exterior Polymer color finish.
Picture Windows
Picture windows are the perfect style of window to provide you with an expansive panoramic view of the world outside, as well as to make the room they brighten seem larger and more open. Our picture window profiles can be made into several dynamic combination shapes.

Bay & Bow Windows
Bay Windows are made of three panels that are joined together. The window in the middle is parallel with the side of the building on which it is installed, and the other two are angled to meet at the edges of the center window. Bow Windows are constructed with three or more panels and take on a curved shape. The end window panels are usually operable. These Bay or Bow windows add timeless elegance to your home, as well as they boost curb appeal. Our Bay and Bow windows are sure to make your neighbors swoon!

Garden Windows
What if we tell you that you could create a collection of miniature greenhouses just by replacing your windows? Most people would probably think that a project like this would be insanely expensive and require a great deal of work. Garden windows from Window Depot USA add a little extra space by projecting slightly outward, allowing your plants the opportunity to catch plenty of sunlight.

Awning Windows
Awning windows have a single sash like casement windows but are hinged on the top rather than on the side. They have a hand crank that opens and closes the window horizontally on a metal track. Ease of operation makes this window style a great choice for hard-to-reach places, such as over countertops and sinks, and in bathrooms. Awning windows are popular in part because they can be left open during inclement weather. Since the window hinges outward, creating an awning-like effect, the home interiors are protected from rain.

Basement Hopper Windows
They are bottom hinged and open inwards for ventilation with the sleek design you desire. Basement windows are the perfect way to enhance your curb appeal.

Siding Doors


Premium Vinyl Siding
Prodigy ComfortFactor’s energy-efficient design delivers outstanding energy efficiency, thanks to the exceptional R-value (resistance to heat flow) – up to 1 1/2″ thick insulation* for exceptional thermal performance. This high-density insulation combines with a beautiful and robust cedar-grain vinyl panel, creating the ideal exterior for your home. The special features of this interlocking siding system together achieve enhanced R-value for year-round energy savings and comfort, yet allow Prodigy to breathe freely to resist water retention.

Patio Doors
Patio Doors from Window Depot USA are custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of your doorway. Our patio doors are extremely secure, due to the inclusion of three separate locking points: a keyed lockset, a thumb-turn deadbolt, and a kick-lock. On the other hand, they are very easy to open and close when unlocked.

Entry Doors
Your entry door makes one of the biggest impacts on the outside of your home. Set the tone of your home with a beautiful entry door from Window Depot USA. Our entry doors are professionally crafted and come in a variety of colors and styles to suit your personal tastes.


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