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Investing in home improvements is an important decision. Choosing the right company can be the difference between adding value and style to your home and feeling let down by the results. Statewide Remodeling’s customer-focused service, competitive prices, and proven commitment to quality ensure you’ll get exceptional value for your home-improvement dollar and that you’ll love the final results. Whether you need a new kitchen or bath, replacement windows, or a sunroom addition, you can count on us to provide you with the same top-rated service that we’ve provided to more than 80,000 customers since 1994.





Bathtub Replacement
As soon as you decide to complete a bathtub replacement, you need to find a professional bathroom remodeler to assist you. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find the experienced remodelers of Statewide Remodeling. Since 1994, we’ve had an A+ rating with the BBB, and you can trust that your tub replacement is in good hands with us.
Kohler Walk-In Tubs
When you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort, safety, and luxury, a KOHLER walk-in-tub is just what your bathroom needs. Kohler walk-in tubs are perfect for unwinding after a long day, and they’re equipped with an array of features that you’ll love.
Shower Replacement
Have you ever wondered whether a sleek, stylish shower enclosure could transform the look of your outdated bathroom? Yes, it can! Let the bathroom remodeling experts from Statewide Remodeling show you how easy it is to revolutionize the look of your shower. We offer shower enclosures of the highest quality in a wide range of designs so you can say goodbye to mildewed shower curtains and messy water spills forever. Look no further for custom enclosed showers than our award-winning bathroom remodeling company.
Tub to Shower Conversions
A tub to shower conversion for your home can easily transform your unused or outdated tub into a beautiful shower with convenient features. Statewide Remodeling is proud to work with trusted names in the bathroom remodeling industry so we can offer top-of-the-line tub to shower conversion products at affordable prices. Whether you need a barrier-free shower that is wheelchair accessible, a low-threshold shower that is safer than stepping into a high-sided tub, or you’re simply tired of having a bathtub that goes unused, we have an affordable one-day bathroom solution for you.



Replacement Windows


At Statewide Remodeling, we strive to offer our customers the best available options in the way of window replacement and custom window services. We are a customer-oriented business that stands behind each replacement window with a money-back guarantee, and a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor utilized in the replacement. For unbeatable, affordable financing options on already low prices, Statewide Remodeling goes beyond the competition. As a winner of many awards including more than a decade’s worth of Consumers Choice Awards, it’s safe to say you can depend completely on our window installation services.

Vinyl Windows
New vinyl windows are one of the most popular options for homeowners for a variety ofreasons that are impossible to refute. While wood, aluminum, and composite windows are prone to warping, cracking, leaking, and decay, our Texas vinyl windows have a polyurethane core and fusion-welded corners for ultimate protection. This means that your windows will offer you unparalleled strength, longevity, and thermal resistance no matter what kind of wear and tear they are subjected to over the years.
Single Hung
If you’re looking for reputable and reliable single-hung window installers in Texas, consider the award-winning services offered by Statewide Remodeling. For over two decades, our professionals have been crafting high-quality windows for homes of all shapes and sizes. Our single-hung windows, which slide open from the bottom, come with easy-to-use sashes for maximum efficiency and airflow. For Texas single-hung window replacement that delivers beauty, durability, and comfort, look no further than Statewide Remodeling.
Double Hung
Homeowners choose our Texas double-hung windows to enhance the value and comfort of their homes. At Statewide Remodeling, we proudly offer new double-hung windows that can be custom-fitted to your home with ease. Unlike single-hung windows, which can only be opened from the bottom by sliding the sash up, our double-hung replacement windows actually open from both the top and the bottom. This versatility makes the windows easy to clean because both sashes can be tilted inward—so say goodbye to the days of dangerously straddling your window ledge to clean the outside of the windows!
Casement Windows
Beauty, first-rate thermal efficiency, and unique functionality are standard with the Texas casement windows from Statewide Remodeling. These easy-to-operate, projection-style windows open to a full 90 degrees for convenient, trouble-free cleaning from inside your home. Our new casement windows can be left or right hinged to open to the outside, and also feature dual continuous seals of weather-stripping, ensuring complete comfort no matter what the weather.
Picture Windows
Each beautiful view from a picture window in Texas is an invitation to sunlight and timeless beauty. With the help of Statewide Remodeling, you can create your very own custom, panoramic view that completely opens up your home to the outdoors. Our picture windows are top-quality products that are custom engineered for your space. This means you can rest assured that your Texas picture window installation will be sealed seamlessly, with no room for leakage or cracks.
Slider Windows
Our new slider windows provide all the advanced performance benefits technology has to offer without sacrificing the elegant aesthetic and practicality of traditionally styled windows. At Statewide Remodeling, we have a wide selection of Texas sliding windows to choose from that will offer unparalleled performance year-in and year-out. Our sliding windows have specially designed weather stripping to keep you home feeling comfortable, no matter the weather outside. Available in a vast selection of colors and glass styles, look no further than our remodeling company for slider window replacements that will bring a new level of elegance and comfort to your home.
Bow Windows
A bow window from Statewide Remodeling takes home improvement to a new level by transforming any window opening to a stunning and expanded viewing area. Our Texas bow windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, capable of bringing sunlight and life to any room. Choose from three different degree angles for a range of design possibilities. We also offer a wide selection of decorative glass designs, vinyl frame finishes, and several window styles to customize your bow window replacement. With the help of our design consultants, you can create a completely custom bow window design that will bring a touch of your own personality to your home’s design.
Bay Windows
Whether you’re creating a viewing area that welcomes an abundance of light into your home, or you’re hoping to craft a sunlit reading nook for the book worm in your family, a bay window from Statewide Remodeling might be the answer. Our remodeling experts proudly offer Texas bay windows of the highest quality that can be customized to fit your exact style preferences and tastes. Whether you love the look of elegant decorative glass or need the perfect vinyl frame finish to match your home, you can depend on our design consultants to create the bay window replacement you’ve always wanted.
Awning Windows
The need for expertly installed, energy-efficient windows is more of a necessity than a luxury in Texas, and if your home has older model windows there are sure to be leaks that are costing you in energy bills. Vinyl awning windows that can withstand the heat are an excellent choice for building a thermal envelope that helps to block out radiant heat and contain cool, treated air. In fact, windows are often the most important factor when it comes to making sure that your home is as energy-efficient as possible.  
Garden Windows
A garden window for the kitchen is a beautiful and simple way to add a bit more light and functionality to any home. Whether you’re looking for a sunlit space to grow some fresh herbs or a place to put some of your most cherished knick-knacks, the experts at Statewide Remodeling can help you craft the perfect fit to your lifestyle. You can have peace of mind that our experts will go above and beyond to ensure that your new garden window meets your highest expectations. Learn precisely why our remodeling company has garnered accolades from internationally renowned companies such as Home Depot, Sam’s Club, and more.
Energy Efficient Windows
Green replacement windows can make a huge difference in the overall energy efficiency of your home. Imagine that it’s a blazing Texas summer day and you’ve got your air conditioning pumping. As the sun’s rays get more intense, the heat filters through your window glass and increases the internal temperature of your home. This causes your cooling system to work extra hard, which will translate into higher energy bills. So how can you affordably enjoy the sunshine of summer while staying cool inside your home? Statewide Remodeling offers energy efficient and low-E replacement windows that make use of the latest innovations in thermal resistance technology.



Replace your old, worn-out house siding with new, long-lasting siding from Statewide Remodeling. New vinyl siding is the perfect way to transform the exterior of your home and keep its curb appeal fresh and beautiful. Our siding installers have been helping homeowners beautify the facades of their residences since 1994, and now the latest innovations in vinyl plank technology are providing more thermal efficiency and less maintenance than ever before. If you’re one of those homeowners who dreads that day in spring when you have to get out the ladder, paint can, and scraper to repair the damage that the year’s heat and storms has inflicted on your siding, we have the ideal solution for you. 
With such active and dynamic weather patterns, residents need to be ready for any kind of weather at any time. It’s not unusual for the conditions to be sunny one day and cold the next, especially during fall and spring, but with a glass sunroom from the experts at Statewide Remodeling, you can enjoy your backyard year-round, no matter the weather. We offer all-weather, multipurpose all season sunrooms that can be transformed and customized to the needs of homeowners and their lifestyles.
We know custom doors because we have helped tens of thousands of customers over the over two decades we have been in business. We know which doors can hold up to extreme heat, we know how to customize those doors to provide your home with curb appeal, and as a BBB-accredited business, we can do it all while providing you with an outstanding customer experience. Our door services include:
Door Installation
Custom Doors
Replacement Doors
Patios and Enclosures
Patios and enclosures allow you to make the most of your home’s outdoor areas. They’re also a great way to add a functional and stylish living space to your home for far less than the cost of a full home addition. You’ll be amazed at how many activities you can use your patio or outdoor enclosure for: everything from quiet reading and family board games to an intimate cocktail party with a few friends. We also offer glass-and-screen patio rooms that make it possible for you to use your screen room in the summer and then convert it into a sunroom during the winter months. Let the experts at Statewide Remodeling help you install any type of screen room enclosure to your home.


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